How to Make Your Home Smell Good

You may have many ways to keep your home in the best shape in mind, but the scent of your home is one thing people notice. A homeowner should do anything possible to get rid of the unpleasant and weird smell. Knowing how to make your home welcoming should not be a hassle if you know where to start.


It all starts by tackling the bad and bringing in the good to your home. Intrinsically, there is a lot to do and freshen up your home. The smell tells a lot about your house, and you should do anything to keep it fresh. In light of this, here is how to make your home smell good once more. Have a look:


Household odours are the number one cause of bad home smells. And to get rid of this problem, start by testing humidity levels in each room. If you discover a room with high humidity levels, use a dehumidifier to maintain the right humidity levels in your house.


Anything that is wet and has been left unattended to for long will give off. Look for moisture, especially in bathrooms and basements. Find something wet in the disclosed places, dry it, and identify the source. Leaks in flooring and drainage pipes may lead to increased levels of moisture.



1. Deal with Moisture

2. Flush Your Drains

Flushing your drains is an excellent way to get rid of the stinky materials out of your home. Use drain cleaning products or hot water to clean drains. Significantly, if you want to avert bad odours or backups, you can resort to BDS drainage services. 

Work with professionals who specialize in blocked drain cleaning services and drain repairs in London. Feel free to work with a reputed company that is more than willing to lend a helping hand and meet your needs. The professionals you work with should be eager to offer reliable and budget-friendly services.

Moreover, when carrying out any repairs in your home, it is also important to work with a team of local repair professionals. No one wants to have to pay expensive call-out charges and working alongside a local repair company can keep these costs as low as possible. Furthermore, if you have a home warranty plan in place, you can use this to cover the cost of any repairs. For example, if you live in Texas and have taken out a home warranty with a reputable home warranty provider such as First American Home Warranty this can provide peace of mind that your home is safeguarded in case of any repairs.


Rejuvenate your home of nasty odour by de-stinking your garbage. Garbage disposal is a must for keeping your kitchen in a pleasant scent. To keep nasty garbage door at bay, go on and sprinkle a bit of baking soda in the bottom of your trash can. Here are other helpful things to do:


  • Run warm water on your drain


  • Turn the disposal on and squeeze dish soap down the drain. 


  • Use stronger drain cleaning products if it does not work.


  • Use garbage disposal cubes made from white vinegar and citrus and easily clean your garbage.


If stuck and don't know how to clean your garbage drain, find and work with the best blocked drains London service providers. This is a home improvement project that will, without a doubt, improve the smell of your home.

3. Clean Your Garbage Disposal

4. Refresh Your Rugs and Carpets

Plush carpets and rugs absorb stench due to moisture and food spills or messes. It should not be hard if you trust baking soda as a natural cleaner. It's easy to use, safe, non-toxic, and a cheap product to get the work done stress-free. Vacuum your carpet and rugs using the mixture of baking soda and ground cinnamon. You will leave them smelling fresh and clean.

Candles are a great way to fill your house with an aroma that you probably love. However, ensure you place them strategically to increase their efficiency.

5. Scatter Candles throughout the House

6. Freshen Up the Air Vents

As the air blows through the vents, fresh air will waft throughout the rooms and give the whole room an appealing fresh and uniform scent. Add an air freshener to your air vent and disperse the fresh scent. Alternatively if you don't have vents in your home, there is a small and portable dehumidifier that you can use.

Opening the windows is one of the easiest ways to bring freshness to your home. Even if you have leftovers or lingering scents from your kitchen or in the event of a painting project, opening windows is a rewarding project. The fresh smell from the outside helps lift the mood in your home.

7. Open the Windows

Seek Help Freshen Up Your Home

There are many natural ways you can embrace and make your home smell good. You can diffuse essential oils, bake cookies, decorate your home with plants like eucalyptus leaves, clean refrigerator, or use fabric spray. However, if all these don't work, it's wise to seek help from professionals near you. You will learn some useful techniques from these experts and improve fresh air circulation in and out of your house.