How To Care for Your Garaged Vehicle

A garaged vehicle is a happy vehicle. However, there are still storage issues that can occur if your vehicle is parked in a garage, long or short term. Find out how to properly care for your vehicle and what products you need to keep it safe. Shop for the best car duster, indoor cover and other items to enjoy long-lasting protection for your vehicle.

An indoor car cover is the first thing you should purchase for your garaged vehicle. A garage may protect your ride from the worst moisture and other issues, but there are still a few hazards that can affect its paint job and interior. First, dust can still settle on your vehicle in your garage. Dust can create specks on your otherwise flawless paint job, which requires you to go through another wash and wax routine. Save time by dusting your vehicle and protecting it with an indoor cover.

If your garage doubles as a workspace, flying sparks, oil, water and other contaminants may also damage your vehicle. An indoor car cover uses a soft cotton interior and a breathable design to protect against minor moisture issues, without creating a humid environment. Just like car storage bags, covers are a great investment that allows you to protect your valuable vehicle.

Indoor Car Cover Benefits

Top 5 Car Care Products

There are plenty of car care products that make your life easier and protect your investment, so it can be difficult to sort through them all. If you’re not satisfied with your current car care routine, here are the top five products that you need to have for your classic car or new vehicle:

  1. Car storage bubble
  2. Wax
  3. Microfiber towels
  4. Car duster
  5. Indoor car cover

A car storage bubble takes safe storage to a whole new level. This long-term storage solution wraps your entire vehicle with a durable bubble. An energy-efficient fan continues to circulate air to prevent moisture issues while your car is in storage.

Wax and microfiber towels are the basic tools necessary to maintain a beautiful shine. After a thorough wash, wax creates a protective seal that blocks UV rays, prevents scratches and gives your vehicle a beautiful shine. Microfiber prevents scratches as you wipe off dust, debris and moisture.

Car dusters offer a water-free way to clean your car. Whether your vehicle is collecting dust in your garage or you’ve pulled in after a long day on the road, use a duster to easily trap dust and wipe off debris. While a car duster works similar to a household feather duster, you need the genuine product to avoid scratches and to trap all the debris that can settle on your stored vehicle.

Shop for a car storage bubble, indoor cover or other essential product to protect your garaged vehicle. You may not have to worry about rain, falling tree branches or other issues, but there are still some minor issues that can scratch or wear out your vehicle stored in a garage. Online shopping makes it easy to compare these products and order the best ones for your car care routine.

Taking care of a car can be tedious. If you decide it’s causing too much stress you might be better off selling the car for cash. If you decide to sell the car you can look for a service like Junk That Car in Phoenix who will buy the car and make it a hassle-free process.