Fashionable Face Coverings You Can Wear Anywhere

Now that face masks are either mandatory or strongly recommended, it can be a bit of a struggle to find something that’s both fashionable and practical. The disposable face masks definitely do the trick for when you’re running low but they’re pretty plain and not so great for the environment. 


Since face masks have become increasingly common, many companies have scrambled to make washable face masks for personal use. There are now so many out there that it can be a bit daunting trying to find something that really suits you. However, we’ve searched high and low for some of the best fashionable face coverings you can wear anywhere.



The Hoorag website has caught our eye because of the wonderful variety they have on offer with their face coverings. Their products are made with clever moisture wicking technology, so that your face stays dry and fresh at all times. They’re also light weight and come in over 250 designs, so however you style your wardrobe, we know there has to be something for your personal aesthetic. You could get the same pattern or a different one for every day of the week.

Hoo-Rag Face Coverings

Araks Protective Face Mask Begonia

This product by Araks in the shade Begonia, is made from 100% cotton. This makes the mask soft and breathable on your face. The head ties look adorable and would suit a slicked back ponytail or a nice polished bun. When you purchase any of these face masks, Araks have pledged to donate 20% of the proceeds to GetUsPPE, which is a grassroots coalition created to help lessen the worldwide PPE shortage.

These face masks by Kit are a really lovely and simple design. They offer a variety with 18 different pattern types to choose from. We love these ones because you can choose a really beautiful floral pattern or something simple with stripes or a block colour. They have pockets for filter inserts and are also offering masks free of charge if you’re a health worker. These can be worn underneath regulated PPE for extra precaution.

Kit Reusable Cloth Face Mask

Revolve 3 Pack Face Mask Set

These Revolve face masks are our next choice. They come in packs of three and their ear loops are a part of the face mask design, making them really easy to slip onto your face. Because their design is so simple these masks will be easy to match to your outfits, whether you are going out for a jog or heading to the movies for a date. They are made from 70% viscose filament, 30% nylon filament and are machine washable.

Tabacaru Swim has two incredibly cute floral patterned face masks, which can be purchased separately or in packs of two. The Black Floral face mask is easy on the eyes and would suit a chic or boho aesthetic. We can see this mask paired with denim overalls and sneakers. All of Tabacaru Swim’s masks are made out of upcycled materials, they are reusable, washable and have a layer of water resistance fabric on the outside. 20% of all mask sale proceeds will also be donated to The Los Angeles food bank.

Tabacaru Swim Face Mask Black Floral with Filter