5 Best Indoor Plants for your Bathroom

Plants are a simple and inexpensive approach to tidy up any room in a home, and this suits particularly well in the bathroom where the choices of design normally don't include more than the shade of one's bath mat. In any case, keeping greenery alive and prospering in a room where temperatures can move from cool and agreeable to steamy and hot in not more than minutes can be troublesome. That doesn’t mean that you can’t grow a plant in your bathrooms. There are certain plants that thrive in such conditions, enjoy warm temperatures, high humidity, and any type of light. Below, we have listed down such plants that will be perfect for your bathrooms to add a touch of fresh air and greenery.

This climbing plant is ideal for little washrooms with constrained space, as it very well can be hung high or hung across even the most abnormal of edges. The brilliant pothos can easily sustain in different types of lighting conditions and it adores warm temperatures. Pothos will likewise root promptly from cuttings, which means if you need to propagate this plant all through your home, basically cut a stem to incorporate 3 to 5 nodes.

Golden Pothos

ZZ Plant

Zamioculcas Zamiifolia, a charming leaf plant that is very hard to kill. The ZZ flourishes in both low and direct light and can easily survive in humid or moist conditions. It is native to Zanzibar where dampness is high and temperature swings from 30° to 90° C consistently. Can be placed near the windows of your bathroom or near the washbasin.

This low-light pand low-maintenance plant just loves dampness, making it the ideal washroom plant. Spider plants will develop a lot without any efforts, especially when kept under direct sunlight, so some light pruning might be required if you need to keep this plant for a long time.

Spider Plant

Boston Fern

The Boston fern hails from the subtropical and tropical rainforest, making it a perfect plant for a warm and wet washroom. These ferns do need a decent amount of indirect light; a lot of direct light will consume the leaves, while no light will hinder development and cause the plant to turn yellow. Give it a fog on days that are particularly dry.

Dark washrooms are an amazing environment for one of the best flowering plants - peace lily which needs minimal light however cherishes hot tropical conditions. This plant blooms wonderful blossoms that will add a touch of style to your washroom as well. You can place it near the washbasin for perfect growth.

So, these were the different indoor plants for your bathroom. You can easily buy these plants from your local nursery or from an online nursery. Incorporate these plants in your bathrooms and turn those little spaces into something great and amazing. The above mentioned plants can also be included in your home indoor garden and can be placed in living rooms as well to add charm to home decor.


Peace Lily