What Makes a Piece of Jewellery Beautifully Unique?

The perception of beauty is highly variable, but every now and then, we come across a piece of jewellery that seems to defy that logic. It feels as if that same piece would appeal to every woman alive, whether that’s really true or not! Let’s try and highlight some of the most important aspects of those beautiful and unique creations, which always shines on with timeless brilliance, no matter how many times you wear them.

The most obvious difference is, of course, made by the jeweller or goldsmith who crafted that particular piece of jewellery. While machine made jewellery can be perfect in its dimensions, it can never achieve the unique beauty of handcrafted jewellery. A design that has been replicated hundreds, if not thousands of times before, cannot be considered special anymore, irrespective of how beautiful it might look. Handmade jewellery, on the other hand, is art in one of its oldest and truest forms. If you're in need of an awesome jeweller, then you need to check out the awesome brand jacobsthejewellers.com they've been trusted for decades, so you can always rely on them. 

The Maker

The Materials

Fake stones and cheaper metals can be made to shine more temporarily, as compared to real gems like diamonds or sapphires, and expensive metals such as platinum or gold. However, those do not last too long and even with more shine, fake, cheap jewellery will invariably look the part in comparison to a well-made piece with rare metals and gems.

It’s not all about gold, rubies, and opals when it comes to the beauty of jewellery because a necklace lovingly made out of glass beads and colourful strings can be more beautiful than a crudely crafted diamond-gold necklace. It’s when the jeweller only concentrates on creating a piece of beautiful jewellery, irrespective of the materials’ price, a genuinely gorgeous piece is created. If you have ever seen one of the stunning collections from Ti Sento Jewellery, you will know what we mean. They are a clear example of how jewellery can be beautiful without being expensive.

The Beauty

The Rarity

If we are discussing expensive jewellery only, then it must be accepted that at this level, everyone will already be wearing authentic gems, created by experienced jewellers. They will undoubtedly, almost always be beautiful pieces, so beauty is not the only concern for those that can afford to shop at the highest levels of the jewellery market. To stand out in such a social gathering with something that makes it unique even there, target rarity in two aspects:

  • Use rarer stones such as tanzanite, taaffeite or alexandrite, instead of diamonds, rubies, and sapphires
  • Find a reputed jeweller and ask them to create a unique, customised piece just for you

This is what celebrities often do, which is why they are usually the ones sporting the best jewellery collection around. Whether you are a celebrity or not, if you have the means to do so, do go ahead. However, as already mentioned, a beautiful piece of unique jewellery doesn’t always have to be super expensive; it only needs to be genuinely beautiful.

Master Jewellers and goldsmiths will tell you it is when human creativity and the raw beauty of nature come together in perfect harmony that the most unique and brilliant pieces of jewellery are created. That remains as true as ever, and with the help of everything that we have discussed so far, adding such a gorgeous piece to your own collection should not be too difficult anymore.