Top 3 popular beauty brands in Singapore

Many Eastern cultures focus on maintaining a mind-body balance, and Asian women often take their personal care very seriously. Luckily for us, they are also generous in sharing their knowledge! Thus, many popular Singapore beauty brands have become favorites in other parts of the world.

The emergence of cosmetics from Singapore in foreign markets has been one of the best things to have happened to the sector. And it is that these new brands have managed to provide a breath of fresh air.

The engine of this change has been its products, which have known how to make a difference with what has been seen previously. Innovation (both in the properties of cosmetics and makeup, and even their packaging) has been around since the birth of this trend. These are some of the most popular beauty brands in Singapore.

The most popular beauty brands in Singapore

Drawing up a list of the best beauty product brands, when, as in the case of Singapore cosmetics, the bar is so high that it is difficult to pick just a few. Even so, we will dare, the idea is that more than as a ranking it serves as a means to show some brands that we love, and serve as an example for you to know the cosmetics of Singapore somewhat better.


This brand stands out for offering the best face care products, but with the characteristic that its products are entirely organic. Kew Organics products help keep the face fresh and young without going to the surgeon.

Its flagship product is the Sugar K Organic Peel Bar, which is the best-selling on the entire island. This brand creates the products by hand in small batches, ensuring the quality and freshness of everything they sell in their franchise. The ingredients used are 100% vegan and derived from plants, free of all kinds of chemicals.


1) Kew Organics

2) Allies of Skin

This brand was launched in 2016, it has grown enormously, because it has powerful formulas for skincare, allowing its products to balance and restore all kinds of skin problems.

All the products of this brand are dermatologically tested. Best of all, they do not perform tests on animals, making it an ethical brand, in addition to the fact that the ingredients in their formulas are natural and originate from the African wisdom.


This is one of Singapore's popular beauty brands among users, and it offers personalized products and collections that include moisturizers, eye serum, and even masks to rejuvenate the skin. Its products are formulated based on 24 ingredients of excellent quality based on customers' needs, specializing in problems such as aging or dry skin.

The products combine the ingredients based on the consultation made by users both at store counters and on the brand's website. Alcheme specializes in conscious skincare, and its components are natural plant derivatives that can be tracked by users. This brand is also ethical since they do not perform tests on animals.


3) Alcheme

Many brands to try

In Singapore, you can find hundreds of popular beauty brands for all tastes, since if something is taken seriously inside this island, it is personal care. These are just three brands that offer various unique, effective, and, of course, ideal products for a healthy and fresh appearance.