The best Wedding Dress Trends of 2020

So although 2020 has been one of the strangest years we’ve seen yet, where the entire world has been on hold, we’re now starting to see a slightly brighter future where plans can be rescheduled. This includes weddings being shaped into socially distanced events, so that everyone can still be involved in the celebration. Today I’d like to walk you through some of my favourite new trends for 2020 weddings. 

Long gone are the days of having a simple white wedding dress, now we’re welcoming the idea of having colourful and vibrant designs - a trend I will always fully get behind. 

There’s stunning pieces that I’ve spotted like this Dip Dye Dress that is a fresh and tropical take on a classic wedding dress. As well as their Mermaid Dress so that you can keep a slinky fit that accentuates those beautiful curves. My other favourite is the simple but stunning Ombre Dress that adds a splash of colour to a beautiful dress. It's also worthwhile checking out dresses for wedding guests in a similar style to match. 


ombre wedding dress

Tulle Flowers

For this trend, people are seeking out to the runways to see embellished flowers, and extra detail - because why not go a little extra and wear something so beautiful and iconic on your big day?  Floral dresses for wedding is always going to be in style, so it's a piece that will always look fabulous. 

My go-to dress from this trend is the Tulle Wedding Dress which to some might be too extravagant, I however absolutely adore this piece.

tulle wedding dress

2020 has been honing in on the 90’s trend for quite some time, and this includes simplistic bodices with spaghetti straps, whilst the main feature is the luxurious nature of satin or silk so that you will shine and shimmer whilst walking down the aisle. There’s something so elegant about having a beautiful dress that clings to you in a fabric that has a sheen, it’s both incredibly sexy and also sophisticated. One of my final other favourite styles is 1960s wedding dresses which you should be checking out too, with a blast from the past.