How to Surprise your Siblings Staying Abroad?

The time of childhood won’t return again and fun won’t ever be the same for you and your siblings. As they have moved abroad for studies or job opportunities or due to any other reasons, you barely get to meet them. But who said that you can’t surprise them with your thoughtfulness. You can send them birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, etc. and can even send rakhi to Australia, USA, UK, UAE, or in any other country where they reside. Apart from these special occasions, you can surprise them anytime with your sweet gifts and gestures. Scroll down a bit and find out how you can surprise your siblings that are staying far away from you.

They won’t expect you on their doorstep ringing bell! If it’s been a long time since you met with your siblings, then make your reservations and get to their home. Ring their doorbell and when they open the door, just see that smile on their face go wide. Your surprising gesture will surely lift them off their feet.

Special Surprise Visit

Musician on Call

Long time, no see? No problem! Get on the video conference call with your cousins and arrange this special digital service - musician on call. The musician will sing your preferred song and will play it on the guitar or piano or any other musical instrument. Let your siblings enjoy the sweet melodies and at the same time see your face after a long time.

Your cousins and siblings will love to enjoy their favorite artist’s concert or music show! Check if there are any events in their area on upcoming dates and buy the tickets online for the same. Send the tickets directly to their mailbox and let them jump in joy. If you can join them in the concert, it will be even more surprising for them and will mean a lot to your siblings.

Concert Tickets

Special Rakhi Gifts

Worry not if you can’t tie rakhi to your siblings in person because with the help of many online reliable gifting portals, you can easily get rakhi and rakhi gifts delivered at their doorstep. Send rakhi to Canada, UK, Germany, USA, or to any other country along with sweet gifts to make their festival of Raksha Bandhan more happening and exciting.

Well now you can’t steal their last bite of cake sitting far away from them but you can surely send them a whole heavenly cake to take their taste buds to a whole nother level. Through various online bakeries providing cake delivery at affordable prices abroad, you can send delicious cakes to them on any occasion.

So, these were some of the ways through which you can surprise your siblings that are staying in some other country. Call them up from time to time so that the bond between you and them never fades. Your small tokens of love will surely help in strengthening the roots of your bond!



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