Awfully Chocolate: Must Visit Cake Shop in Singapore

Cake always has a way of lightening moods and creating warm relationships among friends and family. It’s one of the most celebrated and appreciated light meals that we just can’t do without. 

This statement is truer when the cake in question is baked and decorated by certified experts. In any ground-breaking event, cake always has to grace the occasion. Why not give it the attention it rightly deserves? Awfully Chocolate is the most famous cake shop in plaza singapura in Singapore. Here are some of the reasons that would make you want to try out their stylish and delicious cakes;

Have you ever wanted to throw an exclusive party but couldn’t because you were broke? Money shouldn’t be a problem if Awfully Chocolate is in the mix. They have something for everyone and you wouldn’t be left out.

A delicious and stylish yet affordable cake is hard to come by and should keep you on your toes. All you have to do is be on the lookout for the best cake shops there are.



Excellent Customer Service

A look into this factor brings us to the topic of punctuality. Awfully Chocolate has proved to be at the top of the food chain in matters of excellence. They work round the clock to ensure their customers are satisfied.


Not to mention how punctual they are with their deliveries. At least you don’t have to worry about embarrassing yourself in front of your guests due to a delay in your cake order.

Your cake issue is resolved once you dial the Awfully Chocolate numbers.


Everyone likes it when their parties and events stand out from all the rest. There isn’t a better way for this to happen than ordering the most unique and stylish cakes you can find.


Your eyes will get tired of seeing the same old cake designs at every party you attend. You’ll want something beautiful that you haven’t seen before. Awfully chocolate is good at giving its clients pleasant surprises.


They always come up with fresh designs every time their services are called upon. They never disappoint and this makes you look forward to their next chocolate cake designs.


Unique Designs

Fresh Cakes

It’s quite disappointing to have to pay for something stale especially if we’re talking about cakes. You’ve probably been through the frustration of placing an order for a cake only to have last week’s cake delivered to you.


Your next cause of action would be to do away with cake shops for good. After all, you could as well learn to bake your own cakes to avoid such disappointments. But wait, you might miss out on all the wonderful deals out there just for you.


The likes of Awfully Chocolate await your call with nothing but the freshest cakes to offer you.


Nowadays, there isn’t a better way to interact with clients than on the internet. With all the social media platforms, it’s quite simple to have your voice heard as a client.


Awfully chocolate has verified its transparency through its strong presence online. They have come a long way and are determined not to take any steps backward. This is an added advantage to you as a client because you’ll know what you’re about to sign up for.


The best part is that they tend to all their clients’ queries and comments because they value them as much.


Strong Online Presence

Clean Track Record

You wouldn’t want to get entangled with negatively mysterious cake vendors, would you? Cake dealers that are transparent in all their dealings are the ones to watch out for.


Since not all cake shops are clean, you are safer when you run a background check on your preferred cake shops. Awfully Chocolate has been in the limelight for all the right reasons.

Their clean track record keeps old clients coming back for more. Not forgetting that new clients are always on standby waiting for positive feedback so they know which way to follow.


Clients are normally drawn by packaging and how beautiful they must look. Awfully Chocolate pays much attention to how their cakes look from the outside. You’ll want to come back for more cakes for the mere fact that their packaging ideas always stand out.

You’ll feel so proud and elegant walking out of their shops clutching your cake order.


Beautiful Packaging