A Cool Treatment for a Hot Body

Are there pesky clumps of rogue fat that keep bothering you and causing you constant discomfort? Does it bother you that you have excess fat in very conspicuous areas like under the chin, arms, and back? Are you looking for a way to tone down these areas, but aren’t willing to go through the pain of complicated surgeries and post-procedural maintenance?

If you happen to live in New York City, then MiracleFace MedSpa is the treatment package you should be on the lookout for. There are several reasons why you need to try out this cool new way to tone the body and we’re about to learn all about the advantages and disadvantages that come with it.

Hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll see the incredibly efficient aspects of Coolsculpting and will be effectively convinced that it’s one of the best ways to tone the body amidst the many different types of fat reduction treatments. 


As the name implies, the treatment takes advantage of cold temperatures and uses it to sculpt out various parts of the body. It may seem absurd at first, that the cold can burn away excess fat layers, but the science behind it is legitimately interesting, especially when put into simpler terms.

Doctors noticed that children who ate more popsicles had less fat buildup in their cheeks. This was a consistent result that kept on occurring, so they decided to look into it and found a certain kind of weakness that fat cells have. When you want to get rid of fat, a special treatment is performed which destroys the cells in some way. It can be done by dissolving them with certain kinds of acids or cutting them out of the body. 

Both of these methods rely on necrosis or the death of fat cells caused by external sources. But Coolsculpting utilizes a different method of eradicating fat cells, which is called apoptosis, or the cell’s own ability to destroy itself after exposure to cold temperatures.

This is why children who ate more popsicles had less fat in their cheeks; fat cells have an innate weakness to cold temperatures and commit, what is essentially cell suicide when exposed to a consistent stream of cold. 

The Coolsculpting equipment uses special vacuum cushions, which latch on to parts of your body and pump cold air to the surface of your skin. With these cold temperatures, the fat cells are stimulated to go into their apoptosis phase and destroy themselves through purely natural means, essentially making the treatment almost fully dependent on your body’s own abilities.

The Incredible Science Behind the Treatment

The Procedure Itself

If you’re afraid of the cold, don’t be. The temperatures hang around 39 to 41 degrees Fahrenheit (around 4 degrees Celsius) which is warmer than the average refrigerator. Additionally, because our skin has a tendency to adapt to the outside temperature, after a couple of minutes of being exposed to the cold, even if it may be balmy, it goes numb, making the treatment sensationless, which is in your favor, since you won't feel a thing.

Compare that to other kinds of fat reduction treatments which involve a set of injections which may be painful, cuts which leave scars and many other complicated medical steps which can potentially cause a lot of discomfort.

The procedure is performed within an hour, usually around 40 minutes. During this time, you’re simply required to stay in one place as the Coolsculpting pumps deliver cold air to your skin. In the meantime, you can do anything from watching TV, reading a book, to talking to your friends or staff. It’s a pretty casual treatment and most clients report feeling pretty comfortable throughout its entirety.

After the treatment is over, you’re free to go, with no doctor’s orders other than to make sure not to strain the treated area too much and give it the time it needs to recover. But even then, the recovery time is almost nonexistent, as your skin can return to its normal temperatures within a span of minutes. The only thing left for you to do is to make sure you don’t touch and feel around the area too much, so as to give your skin the time it needs to return to its normal state.

There is a catch that comes with a treatment like Coolsculpting, which is so reliant on natural means of fat reduction: it does take some time for the results to set; up to half a year. And while this does seem like a very long time when compared to other treatments, you have to consider the fact the, unlike those procedures, Coolsculpting doesn’t involve any cuts, gashes, stitches, injections or compounds entering your body. It takes time for the fat cells to be naturally absorbed into the rest of your body and tone the treated area. But you can rest easy knowing that every time you look into the mirror during those patient six months, you’ll see a slow, but visible improvement in your physique, as you seemingly shed excess fat.


Coolsculpting can be found in many clinics across big cities like NYC, but only a select few are ready to stand by your side and help you through those six months of waiting for the final results. The staff of MiracleFace MedSpa are always ready to handle any concerns or questions you may have in regards to your fat reduction and they’re ready to help you out with anything you need, before, during, and after the procedure.

Ivy League trained specialists are ready to treat you and thanks to their treatment plan, Coolsculpting NYC, this high-tech procedure is available to many residents of NYC, regardless of their income. The main goal of MiracleFace MedSpa is to offer the benefits of modern cosmetic technology and expertise to as many individuals as possible, in order to see more people satisfied with their bodies when they look at themselves in the mirror.


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