8 simple ideas to add some style to your outfit this summer

Summertime calls for a total wardrobe change because with the hot days, not only will you need chic clothes for beach fun, Bar B Q, and cocktail parties but also for work.

Your summer look should define your style and make you stand out where ever you go. To amp up your look this summer, you should accessorize your outfit and add some style to your look.


Styling for winters is easier. Throw in an extra layer of clothing, add an accessory like a scarf, wear long boots, and you are winter-ready. However, to add flair to your summer look, you may have to choose from several options.

In addition to accessorizing our outfit, you also have to look for dresses that you can combine with different pieces of cloth you own, to give you a new look every time. Of course, not everyone can fill their wardrobe with an outfit for each day.

So, keep scrolling for simple ways through which you can add a punch of style to your summer look and be a trendsetter in the crowd.



Adding style to your summer outfits


Earrings are a must-wear accessory to complete any look, but if you want to flaunt a perfect summer look, then you must wear earrings that match your dress.

You can go for a pair of simple contrasting pearl earrings with a solid single color dress, or you can also wear long dazzling ones with an off-shoulder top.

The choice of earrings also depends on the occasion. For a beach party, you can have a fun and casual look by wearing funky oversize earrings to feel the beach vibe. For a summer wedding, you may skip the neckpiece altogether and wear statement earrings.


Since summer is all about low cuts, there are chances for your necklaces and long chains to be visible. You can go for bold chunky statement necklaces on formal events while long chains with funky pendants can be your everyday go-to choice.

Make sure you choose your neckpiece and earrings wisely as you would not want to over-accessorize. So if you are going for a pair of large and bold earrings, you should opt for the small chain around your neck.





You cannot adorn a complete look without a perfect bag in the warm-weather. So to add some style to your look, all you need to do is accessorize yourself with a bag that gives a finishing touch to your overall outfit.

Regardless of the type of dress you are wearing, slinging a summer-appropriate bag will breathe life into the most basic ensemble.

You can carry anything that compliments your dress – from textured bags such as polished raffia to miniature size handheld bags. These days, even large bucket size totes are available in various fabrics.

If you are carrying a more sophisticated look, then you may go for woven leather bags that come in a lot of different sizes and shapes. While for a casual daytime look, bright and vibrant bags will add life to your summer outfit.



Scarves are the most convenient accessory for summers as they not only spice up your entire look but also have great utility.

You can wear a scarf to hide those tan lines, and it also helps you soak up the sweat. You can add a plain scarf to a floral printed skirt and top, or you may go for a light summer fabric, patterned, or printed scarf, ideal for accessorizing with a plain single color outfit.

You can wear a scarf in a lot of ways. Tie it loosely around your neck or make a statement by wrapping it around your head. If you have a small scarf, then you may want just to use it as a neckerchief. You can tie a scarf around your wrist or on your handbag to add more color to your look.





What are summers without sunnies?!

Sunglasses are a must in the scorching summer heat. Not only do they protect your eyes from summer UV rays, but they also make you look classy and stylish.

The right kind of sunglasses, when paired with your dress, accentuate the entire look. You can choose from a variety of sunshades such as the wayfarers, aviators, double framed, or whatever suits your face and style.



Caps and hats are multi-purpose accessories in the warm summer weather. You can wear these anywhere from the beach to park picnics and or a weekend trip with your friends.

Hats can make a big difference to your summer ensemble and make you look stylish. They are a practical one-piece accessory, and you can choose from a variety of options.

You can choose from visors and bucket hats to baseball caps and floppy hats or anything that keeps you away from the sun and add a charm to your persona.





Bracelets can be worn at any time of the year, but during summertime, when you have less piece of clothing on, there is more chance for you to flaunt your bracelets.

You can beautify your wrist by using metallic bracelets with embellished stones or bracelets made of thread, all depending on your personal preference and occasion.

You can opt for loosely tied bracelets that have stones or embellishments dangling or the ones that fit your wrist.

You can contrast them with your outfit go for a different color of the bracelet. No matter what style you choose, the bracelet is meant to take your style game to the next level.


It is a fallacy that jackets are a winter staple. Those who think that can’t be more wrong. Jackets are a versatile piece of fashion and remain in demand irrespective of the season.

Wearing a leather jacket always looks cool and stylish. They are designed in such a way that the flow of air is possible, keeping the heat at bay.

For the summer season, choose lightweight jackets and teem them with various outfits. Also, avoid darker colors as they absorb more heat.

Leather jackets in summer also allow you to experiment with multiple designs. For example, when it comes to leather jackets for women, embroidered jackets with floral appliqué go perfectly with every kind of outfit

Ending remarks

Adding style to your summer ensemble should not be hard. However, it is important to note that anything you wear to look classy and chic in the warm-weather should not be bulky.

Summertime is all about fun and fashion. The right attire with the right kind of accessories will leave an impression everywhere you go and will also keep you in style.

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