6 Ways To Look After And Promote Healthier Skin

Your skin is the largest and most visible organ on your body. And for many people, it is a source of serious anxiety and repeated treatment to have it looking the way they want it. For some people, it seems effortless for them to have perfect and blemish-free skin and for others, they have to struggle daily to have the skin they want. And sometimes, they can’t even have that. However, no matter who you are there are several ways you can go about improving your chances of having that spot-free and well-cared-for skin by just monitoring your daily habits and making small tweaks to them here and there. Remember that not all of these ideas will work for everyone because all people and all skin is different. If you really aren’t sure what else to try, speak to a skincare professional about your options.

Not all skincare products are created equal. Some claim to provide the greatest moisturising effect on the market, but most users will say it dries out their skin worse than ever before. With skincare products, you are going to have to experiment and shop around to find the best one for you as it is going to vary greatly from person to person. Some products will also be more abrasive than others, which is going to cause serious damage if you already have bad skin that you are struggling with.

Choosing the correct skin products

Reduce stress

Stress is the silent killer and is known as such for good reason. Long-term stress places your hormones under huge stress and fluctuation and as such this can seriously bring out the negative sides of your skin. Stress can not only cause serious outbreaks of acne but also help prevent your body from fighting off acne and spot outbreaks in the long term. It also prevents you from sleeping and eating correctly which further compounds your skin issues. For your health, in general, you should minimise stress as much as possible. For more information on the relation between stress and skincare, check this article out on stressed skin.

Lack of good quality hydration from your fluid intake means your body and your skin will dry out quickly. Plus, water is essential to healthy living in the first place. If you aren’t getting enough water, then you need to start taking steps to increase your daily intake. Hydration also comes from sources such as your chosen skincare products and bathing habits. For example, extremely hot showers can dry out your skin and cause it to flake and appear damaged. Experiment with different moisturising products and improve your water intake to help improve your skin health long term.

Monitor your water intake

Non-surgical methods

If you so wish you can look into dermal filler treatments to treat very specific areas of your skin. It is non-surgical but before you spend money or commit to such work, you should always speak to a professional and weigh up any risks involved. Such work won’t be for everyone and isn’t needed in almost all cases so it would be advised not to go forward with it unless absolutely necessary. Invasive surgery won’t be discussed here due to its much more expensive and specialist nature. For that, you should seek the advice of a cosmetic specialist.

There are lots of different beauty treatments out there that are worth treating yourself too, and it’s no surprise that non-surgical cosmetic treatments are thriving right now. With the option to not go under the knife, it’s a choice that many more will likely take. If you’re looking at what you could get next, then there’s a great read here that explains some of the five best beauty treatments that you can get now.


A consistently unhealthy diet full of sugary and greasy foods can play havoc with your skin. What you eat becomes part of who you are and if what you eat are takeaways, sugary sweets and convenience food, it will begin to show. Bad diets can really mess with your gut and as a by-product, will seriously mess with your skin. For the best results and long-term health, stick to natural fruit and veg and other non-processed foods. You should be eating as natural as you are able to so fresh meats and fish should be high on the list. Not the mention good quality fish is full of omega-3 which really helps to give your skin a boost when it needs it most. Plus, eating healthier foods is just the best way to go full stop. A healthy diet means a healthier life.

Watch your diet

Limit sun exposure

Everyone is obsessed with having a tan to look healthy. While this may make some people feel and look great in the short term, in the end, long term, uncontrolled exposure to the sun causes severe damage to the skin and can cause a myriad of major health troubles. Melanomas, burns, peeling and more are all side effects to extreme exposure to the sun, especially when no precautions have been taken to prevent any damage. 


The sun can hardly be avoided unless you become nocturnal, and vitamin-d is good for you, but try to limit uncontrolled exposure but using appropriate sun-cream and wearing clothing that covers you. If you must have a tan, try to use properly moisturising tanning products, but use them sparingly. If you are worried about any damage the sun is causing your skin then don’t delay in speaking to a healthcare professional. In some cases, it may literally save your life.



Skincare is a complicated and variable subject that really does change from person to person. However, there are always methods you can implement to help you take care of your skin on a daily basis and to prevent any long-term issues down the line. As with most health issues, prevention is paramount before treatment and doing what you can to stop damage to your skin before expensive treatment should be a priority. If you are worried at any point about your skin you should always speak to a dermatologist or doctor about your options, especially if you are someone who sufferers from severe acne or other skin issues that simply cannot be brought under control. Medical intervention should not be a first resort as in many cases there is always something more you can do to help treat minor issues. So make sure to take care of your skin now. Your older self will thank you for it in the future.