5 Useful Grooming Tips for Men New to Makeup

A well-groomed appearance is quickly becoming a key part of every man’s getting-ready routine. The male grooming industry is constantly launching numerous products for everything a guy needs to look flawless, whether that’s at the office or out at bars. It’s gotten so popular that you can even find men’s makeup in the male grooming market from face makeup to nail tools. Makeup for men is equally important these days, but it also highlights the fact that many men don’t know how to use these newer men’s cosmetics. If you’re a male makeup newbie, here are some useful grooming tips to help you with your reinvented male-beauty routine.

In recent years, thousands of men’s cosmetics have hit the shelves of various beauty shops, drugstores, and even trendy menswear retailers like Differio. From guyliner to foundation, it’s often difficult to figure out which products you’ll actually use versus the products that are sold everywhere because of hype. For example: if you have bad skin, you may want to invest in men’s foundation instead of only spot concealers. If you have thin lips, you might be better off with lip-plumping glosses instead of matte lipstick for men. Locate exactly what you want to improve about your facial features and move forward from there by searching body-specific makeup categories and reading customer reviews.

1. Buy men’s cosmetics based on your needs.

2. Bearded guys can benefit from male makeup too.

Recently, the grooming trend has focused on bringing back the full lumberjack-style beard. Regardless of whether you prefer a five o’clock shadow or full-on beard, men’s facial hair products aren’t just limited to aftershave, razors and beard oil. You can actually find beard makeup for men, especially for guys susceptible to patchy growth. Beard corrector pencils are great for filling in gaps, or simply adding more depth to your beard style. For guys that want to hide greys, you can also use beard color pens or hair mascara to temporarily add a more youthful facial hair look.

The rules that apply to men’s hair also apply to men’s makeup. Since makeup is basically an art form, a lot of the basic principles have to do with color theory, which includes matching your facial hair products with your current hair color - or at least finding a balance. If you’re going to wear brow filler, you not only have to keep in mind that it should match your eyebrows, but also complement your natural or dyed hair color.

3. Make sure your makeup for men matches your hair colour.

4. Waterproof makeup is a must for active lifestyles.

A healthy, well-toned figure is one of the factors that can attribute to an attractive and well-groomed appearance for men. If you’re the type of guy that spends most of the week working out, you should definitely invest in men’s makeup with waterproof formulas. Today you can find almost any male makeup product that can combat sweat, rain, or smudging for this exact reason. 



Are you one of many men that suffer from yellowing teeth? Most guys assume lip makeup for men is only designed to enhance your lips, but it can actually also enhance your smile, especially if you’re trying to make your teeth seem whiter. The trick is to find red lipstick for men with blue undertones, such as raspberry or burgundy. When you look at the color wheel, yellow and blue are on the opposite spectrums, so it gives the illusion of a brighter smile.

5. Find lip makeup that compliments your smile.