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5 Trendy, Heatless Hairstyles

Many hairstyles will call for heating tools like straightening irons, blow dryers, etc. – that’s usually the norm for formal hairstyles. However, the good news is that you don’t have to have irons and dryers to achieve great styles. 

Whether you looking to achieve flawless braids, sophisticated buns or any other elegant style like the chignon, there are lots of beautiful heatless hairstyles to try the next time you want something “out of the norm.” Many of the heatless styles that we’ll talk about in this article today are easy to do and require minimal maintenance (because who wants to spend hours achieving the best hairdo?). 

Here are five trendy, beautiful heatless hairstyles that are gorgeous and, most of all, simple to do with again, minimal maintenance.


“Scarves are a great way to give more life and pizzazz to your hairstyle,” says Ella Morton, a journalist at Assignment writers and Ukwritings. “Though, for a heatless ponytail style – braided or not – a silk or satin scarf will work best, because it won’t damage some of your hair.”

Here’s how you pull off this hairstyle: 

  • Secure a high ponytail with a hair tie. 
  • Then, secure it with a clear elastic hair tie. 
  • Roll the headscarf, and tie it into a bow at the base of the ponytail (Secure the bow in place with bobby pins, if you have fine or straight hair).

Adding a braid is optional, and can give you extra volume in your hair. Here’s how you pull it off: 

  • Divide the ponytail into three sections.
  • Braid to the end.
  • Secure the braid with a clear elastic hair tie.
  • “Pancake” the braid by pulling the sections apart. 



1. Ponytail/Ponytail Braid With Scarf

2. Topknot

The topknot bun is a great summer hairstyle that keeps hair out of your face. 

You can achieve the messy bohemian topknot by following these steps:

  • Pull a few strands out around the face.
  • Loosen the bun.
  • Use hairspray (if desired) to tame any baby hairs and fly-aways.




Victory rolls normally don’t require heat; and, it doesn’t much to create the style. Here’s how you achieve the style:

  • Section off the hair you want to roll with clips.
  • Grabbing the ends of your hair, form it into a small loop.
  • Take the loop, and roll the hair up. 
  • Secure the hair with bobby pins.
  • Secure the look by using a strong-hold hairspray.

3. Victory Rolls

4. Double-Buns

Want to have the Mickey Mouse or Princess Leia look? Then go with the double-buns!

Double-buns are one of the hottest hair trends to date, and can be altered in many ways to look cute and sophisticated. Want to know how to make double-buns? Here’s how!

  • Put half of your hair into two high pigtails. 
  • Wrap the hair from one of the ponytails around the elastic tie. 
  • Secure that hair with another hair elastic. 
  • Wrap and secure the next ponytail (You should then have two buns on the top of your head.)

Want to spice up your buns? Add braids by doing the following: 

  • Section your hair off into two high pigtails.
  • Braid each section, and secure them with a hair elastic. 
  • Wrap the braids around each pigtail to create your first bun. 
  • You can pull at the buns to loosen them for a more voluminous look.


“With the bubble ponytail, there’s no need for the straightening iron,” says Elizabeth McDavid, a lifestyle blogger at Boom Essays and Academized. “Instead, all you need is some styling gel to help create the effect that you can achieve by sectioning your high ponytail with different elastic ties, making it fun and fresh.”


Heatless hairstyles are adored by beauty enthusiasts and hairdressers for a number of reasons. For one, heatless hairstyles are usually quick and easy to do, so you don’t have to spend countless hours each morning styling your hair. Second, no one wants to have damaged hair; therefore, these styles help you get the best look possible, while being good to your hair.

As you try out these heatless hairstyles, you’ll be amazed at the results, and have the best hair to show off on your next big outing!

Molly Crockett is a successful marketing writer for Oxessays.com and Bigassignments.com. She loves sharing her unique lifestyle tips and personal development advice with her audience. She also writes for Australian Reviewer blog.



5. Bubble Ponytail