4 Signs Your Dog’s Diet Isn’t the Right Fit for Them

Have you recently changed your dog’s diet? Or perhaps your dog has been eating the same food since you got them, but you’re not sure if it’s the right fit for them? Dogs’ nutritional needs also change as they enter different life stages. For example, puppies need a lot of essential nutrients to support their development while senior dogs need more of certain vitamins and minerals to support their aging bodies. It’s important for pet owners to learn about dog nutrition to ensure they choose the right diet for their canine companions. There are hundreds of different options available when it comes to dog food, but some foods are more suitable for some dogs than others. Every dog is different, and while freeze-dried food from somewhere like nutra complete might be the perfect fit for one dog, it could also be the wrong choice of diet for another. Here are some sure signs that your dog’s diet isn’t working for him.

Does your dog always make a disgusting mess when he is doing his business? if you’ve started to dread picking up his poop when you’re on a walk because it’s always hard to get off the grass, it could be that his diet is to blame. If your dog’s poop is normally hard, then it could simply be softer due to exercise, but if it’s always like this - even when he’s been lounging around at home - what he’s eating could be the cause. Your dog’s poop should be firm and easy to pick up with a poo bag.

Soft Poop:

Dull Coat:

Is your dog’s coat lacking that shine even after a visit to the groomers? If your dog’s coat looks dull and lifeless, it could be that she is simply not getting enough nutrients from her food. A switch to raw feeding can be very helpful for coat issues - a raw food diet for dogs provides them with all the nutrients that they need to thrive, rather than simply filling them up with carb-heavy ingredients as many commercial foods do. You can get started feeding a raw food diet for dogs with Bella & Duke. They tailor meals to your dog, and they are delivered in handy portions that can be frozen.

Has your dog’s energy levels dropped massively since feeding him a new food? If your dog is no longer as excited as he would usually be about going for walkies or is spending more time sleeping, the food change could be the cause. Of course, this can be caused by other factors like ageing or an underlying health condition, so it’s worth a visit to the vet if your dog’s energy levels have suddenly changed.

No Energy:

Behaviour Changes:

If you have recently changed your dog’s diet and it’s not working for them, you might notice some different behaviours in your dog that were not there before. For example, if your dog’s food is no longer filling her up as it should, she might start trying to steal food from your plate or begging for food more often, when she previously felt no need to. Before you put any behavioural changes down to your dog simply being naughty, consider whether the change in diet could be the root cause behind them. 

A dog’s diet will affect its life in so many ways, and there are plenty of signs to let you know if a dog’s diet isn’t the best fit for her.