3 Trends from the 90s are Making a Comeback Today

If you were a kid in the 90s, you already know it was one of the best decades filled with some of the most memorable things. From inflatable furniture to parachute pants and everything in between, there are so many trends from that decade that hold a special place in our hearts. They say if you love something let it go, and if it comes back it’s yours. Luckily, this is true with some of our favorite throwbacks from the 90s! Below, I’m sharing three ways in which you can still enjoy a little piece of your favorite decade in the year 2020.

Whether it was the cereal you ate while watching Saturday morning cartoons or the snack you looked forward to most in your lunchbox, the 90s definitely knew what was up when it came to food and drink. Sadly, as the decade drew to an end many of the beloved food and drinks disappeared with it. Fast forward to today and you may be shocked to find that some of those good old fashioned snacks are making a comeback! That’s right, don’t be shocked if you head to your local grocery store and see bottles of Surge or French Toast Crunch cereal on the shelves. Many retailers are bringing back our favorites, some for a limited time, as a way to remind consumers just how good these 90s pantry staples were. Grocery stores aren’t the only ones feeling the 90s vibe. Mobile delivery apps like goPuff, who provide everyday essentials right to your door, are now offering a fan-favorite, Dunkaroos! That’s right, you can now order these tasty treats and have them arrive at your doorstep before the next episode of Full House starts on Netflix!



When you envision 90s fashion, you may think starter jackets, Canadian tuxedos, and scrunchies galore. While we can all agree that some of these styles were better left where they originated, there are quite a few that are making a comeback today. Don’t be shocked if you see clothing stores filled with crop tops, mom jeans, track suits and even platform sneakers! Although it’s been almost 30 years, these styles have become super popular and don’t seem to be fading out anytime soon. You can find these wicked awesome clothing staples in stores, on the red carpet and even on major catwalks all around the world. Even celebrities are embracing this trend and wearing 90s inspired styles in both their everyday looks as well as award shows and other high profile events. One of the perks of these trends coming back is that you may have held onto some of your most treasured pieces and are able to incorporate them into your day-to-day style. Now is the time to dig out your mini backpack, deck your hair out in butterfly clips and button up those mom jeans, which may even be your mom’s actual jeans. 

If your Friday night plans consisted of hanging out with Steve Urkle and The Winslows, Uncle Jesse, or Cory and Topanga, you were probably a 90s kid. Counting down the days until you could have a good TGIF binge or spend a Saturday morning watching cartoons was what got you through the week. While there are some great, entertaining shows on television now, it’s hard to compare to what used to be. The good news is, streaming devices like Netflix and Hulu make it possible for you to watch some of your old favorites to relive those childhood memories. Sitcoms like Friends, Boy Meets World and Step by Step are available to view by the season and more recently, the beloved game show Supermarket Sweep is even available to stream. The only thing more exciting than being able to watch these shows is introducing them to the younger generation in your life. Whether it’s a younger sibling, friend, or even your own kids, watching these shows with first-time viewers allows you to share your memories and make new ones. 


Growing up in the 90s had many perks. Yummy snacks, wholesome tv shows, and funky fashion. It’s always fun to look back on your finest 90s moments, but it’s more fun to keep living them in the present day. The trends mentioned above are just a few of the ways in which the 90s continues to live on. What are some of your favorite 90s memories?!