Women - Don't Be Afraid To Express Your Power!

Too often we can feel as though we need other’s approval in order to follow a style choice or make a personal decision we know we’d be happy with. Of course, it’s no ones responsibility to give you approval, and even if it were, you shouldn’t have to seek it to feel complete. This sounds obvious, but it can actually be quite hard for people to learn.

Why hide your power? Sometimes confirming this to ourselves can enable us to make the decisions that will push us forward in life, and finally begin to realize our true selves. If there’s any journey worth going on, that’s it. Of course, the title of this article is targeted towards women, but really anyone should be able to feel their inner worth and express that should they choose to. Unfortunately, one of the most important measures to follow (reclaiming your empowerment) is often one of the hardest.

So, how can we begin, without artifice? We believe some of the following advice has worthwhile ideas to glean:



It can be nice to reclaim your self-image through style. It’s not only a means in which to express how you feel that day or what impression you hope to make, but also it’s a great deal of fun to put outfits together. From beautiful Vera Bradley glasses to a power coat or accessories that help you tie everything together, no matter what grants you that feeling of ‘youness,’ you’re likely correct in going for it. Also, don’t be afraid to push the envelope! If you’re not entirely certain what to wear, or you’re confused, don’t be afraid to make a novel choice.

When you do this, you can be certain to feel a little more secure in unknown territory. That in itself can help you feel empowered. After all, what is empowerment if we’re not going to use it?



A Powerful Style Statement

New & Challenging Expression

New and challenging expression can help us feel alive, and it also helps us stop making excuses. You may have told yourself for years that ‘I don’t wear dresses/suits because I don’t look good in them!’ - but that may have only been one suit or dress, on one particular day, that you didn’t quite like seeing yourself in. It’s fine to try again, and question your beliefs, and even come to the same conclusions again. But at least you’ll be challenging yourself, and when you do that, whose opinion do you have to worry about? This is a strength you can learn, and one you can use to grow.

Now, so far we’ve spoken quite strongly about how to feel better in yourself, how to make no excuses, and how to feel powerful. But feeling authentic is not always about feeling powerful, and empowerment isn’t either. Sometimes, vulnerability, or making your real opinions known, or understanding you have something to learn can be important. Finding your truest self means understanding you have things to work on - and working on them. Your biggest enemy to true empowerment is thinking you know everything, or in faking how you feel. It’s just like the old story of the person who builds their house on shaky ground, the same can be applied to self-confidence.

Your Truest Self

Having Fun

Empowerment is also nothing if you’re not having fun with it. Working out? It can be fun. Dressing well, or putting your life back together after a bad relationship? A great time to try new things you have never had the chance to, or moving forward with aspirations you wish you did the first time.

When we think of empowerment, it’s easy to think of sour-faced activism or being in conflict with others, or fighting with ideas you dislike. Of course, some of that can be important, and has led to major strides in social issues. But empowerment can also be rewarding for you, personally. It can help you take risks and wish to move forward with a renewed confidence.

Additionally, if you know you’re going to have fun, it’s much easier to stick to habits and disciplinary techniques you’ve been using for said productivity. It really can help you change your life. Life-affirming empowerment can completely change you for the better, so don’t be afraid to make that choice and to continually put yourself and those you love first.

With this advice, we hope you can remain strong and never be afraid to express your power.