Tooth Care Tips To Help You Create The Perfect Smile

Taking good care of your teeth is a basic part of personal hygiene; if you don’t, you’ll end up with bad breath, dirty teeth and even the possibility of losing one of them.

A dirty, ugly smile can also affect your self-esteem, and lead you to stop smiling as often, particularly in photos or on special occasions.

Smiling not only makes you look approachable but also makes you feel happier. As such, you need to work hard to create a beautiful smile that you’ll always want to show off whenever you get the chance.

If you’re looking to improve your smile and tooth health, then carry on reading and I’ll give you some tried-and-tested tips to make your teeth look and feel great.


A classic tip that every mother dolls out to her children, brushing your teeth for longer could be the perfect solution for anyone whose teeth are only slightly yellowing. Adding as little as one minute onto your daily tooth cleaning regime can significantly help you to rid your mouth of Tatar and plaque build-up, so your teeth look pristine in no time.

Brush For Longer

Invest In An Electric Toothbrush

It’s not just the length of time that you brush for that’s important: you also need to be using a high-quality implement to make a difference to your teeth and improve their condition. Invest in an electric toothbrush that can remove plaque and food debris, so your mouth is clean, fresh and home to beautiful pearly white teeth.

For significantly damaged teeth, brushing a little longer with an electric toothbrush isn’t going to cut it. In fact, you could probably brush for a solid year, and you wouldn’t see an improvement! Drastic measures are required for badly damaged teeth, so consider getting veneers. These thin mouldings, usually made from porcelain, cover your teeth, protecting them from further damage and giving you the dazzling smile of your dreams. UK Smiles offers a range of cost-effective, quality procedures and can even help you travel to a country like Turkey for your veneers so that you can enjoy a holiday and the chance to get your perfect smile!

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a dentist in Marlborough for a tooth extraction, don’t hesitate to book a consultation now.

Consider Veneers

Use A Tounge Scraper To Get Rid Of Unwanted Bacteria

It’s not just your teeth that can get dirty: your tongue can also harbour bacteria which, if left alone, can lead to tooth decay and other issues. As such, as well as brushing your teeth, you should use a tongue scraper to get rid of any excess bacteria. Not only will this help you to keep your teeth white, but also make your breath smell nicer, which is always a positive.

Flossing isn’t an optional extra: it is vital to keeping your mouth clean and hygienic. If you don’t floss your teeth daily, then small pieces of food could linger between your teeth, leading to plague and, potentially, gum disease. As such, flossing is a crucial part of your tooth-cleaning regime and needs to be done every day. Use quality dental floss, whether you feel food stuck between your teeth or not. Floss your teeth twice a day, when you brush your teeth. You can also floss your teeth after eating if you feel leftover bits of food that are stuck in the gaps between your teeth.

Floss Daily And Vigorously

Have Your Teeth Bleached

If your teeth are a good shape and intact, but you notice that they are yellowing, then you could consider getting them bleached to create the white smile you want. Never bleach your teeth at home: you might not apply the product properly and could damage your teeth irreversibly. Instead, visit your dentist and get them to bleach your teeth to give you a gorgeous smile that will impress everyone you meet.

Drinking more water and reducing your intake of sugary products, including natural sugars from fruits and vegetables, can make a surprising difference to your oral health. Even small changes, such as giving up soft drinks or chewing gum, can make a massive difference in a short amount of time. Review your diet and eating habits to see if there’s any way you can improve your oral hygiene and make your mouth healthier.

Adjust Your Diet

Get Your Teeth Cleaned Professionally

Regular tooth brushing using a quality electric toothbrush is essential for your oral hygiene, but you should still visit a professional dental technician or hygienist at least twice a year. A professional tooth cleaning can offer a myriad of benefits, including keeping your teeth whiter for longer by removing any hard build-up that could lead to yellowing or tooth decay. A professional hygienist will also be able to offer you advice on how to clean your teeth better at home. 

A beautiful, beaming smile is the perfect accessory for every occasion. Use these tips to help you to improve your smile and overall oral health.