The Alternative Path: Can Hypnotherapy Help You Lose Weight?

Weight loss hypnosis might be the key to help you drop stubborn weight. As part of a weight loss plan that includes diet and exercise, hypnotherapy can be the final key to kick those last few pounds to the curb. Hypnosis is a unique state of inner absorption and concentration that uses verbal repetition and mental images to create a highly focused mental state that makes you more responsive to suggestions. 

Hypnotherapy is performed with the help of a hypnotherapist that helps put you into a trance. When you’re given suggestions in this state, you are more likely to change your behavior according to these suggestions.


If you want to start your hypnotherapy training today, you’ll probably want to learn how your session may go. Your session will likely start with your therapist explaining how hypnosis works. They will go over your personal goals and then begin speaking to you in a calming, gentle tone that will help you relax and feel safe. Once you have achieved a relaxed, receptive state of mind, your therapist will start to suggest ways to alter your eating or exercise habits to help you reach your weight goals. 

Your therapist will use repetitive phrases that may help you visualize your goal and will help you visualize yourself reaching that goal with clear mental images. Once your hypnotherapist is ready to close the session, they will slowly guide you out of your hypnosis back to your starting state.


How is hypnotherapy performed?

Does hypnotherapy work for weight loss?

The idea is that the mind can be influenced to alter habits like overeating. Trials have shown that hypnotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for weight loss have shown that hypnotherapy plus diet and exercise resulted in a small increase of body weight reduction compared to the placebo group. It’s important to note that hypnotherapy should be performed in conjunction with diet, exercise, and counseling and should not be seen as a silver bullet solution.

Hypnotherapy can help people focus more on their diet or their exercise schedules and help them stay more accountable to their goals.


Hypnosis’s main benefit is that it allows you to enter a state of mind where you are more relaxed and open to suggestions. This means that you are less likely to discount your hypnotherapist’s suggestions than you would be in a normal mental state. For some people, this can help spur faster results than they would without hypnotherapy. Some people are more responsive to hypnosis than others. Personalities with more openness and selflessness often respond more to hypnosis. Susceptibility of hypnosis also increases as people age, with people over 40 being more receptive. In general, women are always more receptive than men. 


Hypnosis is considered safe so long as it’s practiced under the guidance of a trained therapist. You cannot be brainwashed or placed under mind control in hypnosis. Unlike what you see on TV, your therapist can’t control you against your will or make you do something embarrassing. 


Benefits of hypnotherapy