Shopping for a great watch

Watches will always be at the forefront of fashion accessories. They're timeless pieces that can be styled time and time again with a multitude of outfits. Whenever I start up an outfit idea, I always try to orientate it around one specific thing that I'd like to channel that day, with an end goal in mind, and what I feel brings together an outfit is the use of accessories and watches to make the look seem complete. So today I'd like to walk you through some of my tips for buying that great watch that will not only be beneficial, but also stylish.

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The best way to start with finding a colour is looking at your existing jewellery, and working out what will go and what will clash. Personally I like to mix and match silver and gold, as my preference. However if you're not comfortable with doing so, then simply ruffle through some bracelets and rings with similar accents, and make a profound decision on whether you'd like gold, silver, rose gold, colourful, black, white. There's so many great watch brands like Nordgreen Watches which has lots of high end options in various styles and colours for your needs. One of my personal favourites is the Nordgreen Infinity White Dial with interchangeable straps, so that I can switch up the colours quickly with the same iconic dial. The other recent favourite of mine is Breitling watches.

Find Your Colour

Dial Size

Every individual will have their own taste on dial size. I've noticed over the past few years that my taste has gone from large watches to small dainty pieces that compliment my small delicate looking wrists. However equally as much, you can emphasise on your own body with having a large dial. I recommend trying a few options on to see what suits you the most, and fits in with your personal style.

Sometimes it's not financially justifiable to buy extremely expensive watches, but there's plenty of watches in the market today that have great price point and value. In a world of fast fashion, I highly recommend splurging a little more on a good quality watch that will see you through the years, and various outfits. Luckily the only element that will ever need replacing is the battery, which are very inexpensive, so it's a piece that will last you for an entire lifetime if looked after properly.

Price Range