Recreation Room Decorating

For those who might have the space to do so, perhaps with a large spare room or a garage that can be converted into an additional room, the creation of a family recreation room has become a popular use for such spare spaces.

A recreation room is a room that offers a relaxing and fun area away from the family’s main sitting room or lounge, allowing members of the family to escape and spend some time on their own or provide a fun environment that the whole family can enjoy and spend time together.

Anything goes in a recreation room - space and expense permitting - and the room’s contents can include anything from a pool table and gaming console to gym equipment and even a home-cinema set-up or bowling alley for those with the space and extravagance to do so.





The first thing to consider is what the recreation room will be used for and the purpose it will serve in the household. Will the room be a fun palace for the family, or a quiet retreat of relaxation and contemplation.

Will it be used as the centerpiece of house parties with family and friends coming together to enjoy the facilities and games on offer? Or a home-gym for the family to get in shape?

Once you’ve decided on the recreation room’s purpose, next give some thought to the budget that will be spent on the design and creation of the room, even down to choosing the best vase for your flowers. The room should be designed to be practical with consideration to where each item within the room will be situated; there’s no use putting a pool table near to the door for example where people coming and going can disturb the flow of the game.


Think about the colors and shades that will adorn the floor and walls of the rooms. For example if there’s going to be drinks in the room, having a light colored carpet might not be the best idea as it might stain easily if drinks are spilled.

Similarly, splashes on the wall might be hard to remove so having easy-wipe painted surfaces or wallpaper coverings might be an idea. And of course, decorate to bring in other facets of the room such as curtains if the room is windowed, as well as light fittings and the furniture that will be added into the room.

Once you’ve decided on the purpose, decor and design of the room it is time to get set up and here’s a few recreation room ideas to consider to help set up the ideal space.




Family games nights are a great way to bring the family together in fun activities. In a quieter corner of the room place a decent-sized table and some comfortable chairs which can be used to seat the family.

A choice of games from board games and card games to team games such as trivia quizzes can while away the hours.

For something a bit more modern, a large screen television and the latest games console is another option to consider. Add in a gaming chair or two and perhaps some enhanced audio for immersive game playing– or you can get a game chair with speakers to get the best of both worlds at once. Read more about the guide to proper posture while gaming.


Why not consider turning the recreation room into a home-gym complete with the most popular equipment found in most gym facilities. Treadmills, exercise bikes, weight sets and more can be added to the room and all the family can benefit from keeping in shape while spending some time alone or with each other.

Set aside a quieter space away from the gym that can be used for yoga or Pilates, or simply a relaxation space to catch one’s breath after exercising hard.




For the more social, consider a bar design for the recreation room and turn it into a home bar. Set it up with a choice of beverages from draft beers and spirits to bar snacks and add further spice with some bar games such as a pool table and darts board to keep guests entertained.

The recreation room could be designed to offer a serene place away from the thick of the family action. Some natural light and neutral colors can help create a relaxing atmosphere and allow the family some time to unwind without having to expend energy.

Place some comfortable chairs around the room, such as recliners which many people prefer over a sofa or armchair. There are few things better than sinking into a comfortable recliner with a book and glass of wine to relax and wind down.

Recliners are a fine choice of seating as they are so versatile and come in a wide range of styles and colors to suit most decor and room color schemes. Some even have massaging or rocking capabilities making them even more luxurious; some even are heated, providing much needed warmth on chilly evenings.

Whether the room is hunting or army-themed, necessitating a comfortable camo recliner, or designed for a more natural, peaceful environment that could be complimented by a range of recliner covers there’s numerous arguments into kitting out a recreation room regardless of its’ purpose with reclining chairs. 

If you’re unsure which specs to look for, you may want to check out this descriptive article about comfortable camo recliner and counterparts detailing the vast array of styles, colors and functions of a wide range of reclining chairs.



Turning the recreation room into a home cinema is a popular design. Every night can be movie night with an immersive home cinema experience via a large screen TV - some go even further and install a full cinema rig of screen and projector - and a surround-sound system to provide audio from all points of the room. To enhance your audio system and music playing it’s a great idea to get a McIntosh mp100, you won’t regret it!

And adding some comfortable chairs - recliners are again a great choice - with tables to hold drinks and snacks further enhances the home cinema experience. For many it is the ultimate use for a recreation room so its’ little wonder it is so popular.