Prescription & Designer Sunglasses: What Are the Differences?

Sunglasses have become an essential part of the way we dress, not only as fashion accessories, but also to give essential eye protection from harmful UV rays. You can contact 9five.com, they provide perfect eyewear which can help to reduce the chances of getting skin cancer or other harmful skin conditions like melanoma. Let’s begin with an overview of prescription sunglasses.



Much like an optician would create special lenses to correct a person’s sight when wearing eyeglasses, the same thing can be done with sunglasses. You can get lenses that are translucent in dim light and when the wearer moves into sunlight, the lenses darken automatically, and if the person has had the sunglasses made with prescription lenses, then they are also eyeglasses to improve general vision. Of course, prescription sunglasses are more expensive than regular sunglasses, due to the special lenses, but many people prefer to have prescription sunglasses, as they can read and focus better.

Prescription Sunglasses

Designer Sunglasses

Much like designer dresses, the designer sunglasses were designed by someone who knows a considerable amount about the design of eyewear, and style is usually at the top of the list or priorities. If you would like to browse a collection of designer polarized sunglasses for men, there are plenty of designer sunglasses suppliers online and they can easily be located with an online search. There are many styles, which include the following:


  • Aviator – Made famous by the likes of Tom Cruise in Top Gun and Brad Pitt, who loves to wear Aviators. Actually, the Aviator goes right back to 1936, when Bausch & Lomb created a pair if sunglasses that fitted tightly to the face, to replace the bulky goggles that US airman wore at that time, which impeded their vision somewhat.
  • Wayfarer – Slightly more formal than the Aviator, with less of a pronounced deep lens, and this style follows a straight top frame section, with the lower half shaped like a semi-circle. These are generally dark tinted, with thick plastic frames in either black or brown.
  • Round Sunglasses – Made famous by John Lennon and his wife Yoko Ono, while Johnny Depp also prefers this type of sunglasses, which are ideal for a person with a long-shaped face. Many celebrities prefer round lens sunglasses, as opposed to any of the other designs.
  • Cat Eye – Mainly worn by women, the cat eye style gets its name because the lenses are shaped like an almond, or the shape of a cat’s eye, and while this shape can vary, most have a point at each end of the oval and are pointed slightly downwards at the centre.


A pair of sunglasses can be both prescription and designer, if the customer wishes to have prescription lenses fitted to designer frames, which is quite often the case. If you wish to enquire about either form of sunglasses, a Google search will help you to locate the right sunglasses supplier, who could provide you with either or both.