How to dress like India’s most fashionable women

You look at some of the Bollywood stars and admire their fashions. Are you aware that you don’t need to win a lottery to dress like them? Yes, you don’t require big money to buy a captivating outfit that attracts many people. However, in order to dress to kill, you must be keen on how to design your cloth. Keep reading to get information on how to create your fabric in the most elegant manner.

Colours are essential when designing your garments. You need to ensure that your wardrobe features outfits in different colors. Fashionable women buy costumes with varying colors like magenta, fluorescent, and others. In the world of fashion, variety is the key. The many colors you’ve, the better.

Use shades correctly

Highlight specific parts of your dress

The cuts and slits on your outfits are essential, and it pays to accord them some attention. The significant cuts on your skirts and blouses make you feel and look like a real fashionable lady. Many people looking at you may focus their attention on these features of your dress.

 Great actors like Anushka look great because they highlight some features of their bodies through cuts and slits on their clothes. However, if you don’t like revealing your body, you can have the cuts on specific parts of your dress like your neck and shoulders.


Your clothes should feature different styles to suit different occasions. You can have outfits featuring western styles, ethnic forms, and others. In case you’re a lover of western outfits, you need to have clothes that feature styles like saree. Saree suits look great and may complement your elegance and femininity. Completing your saree suit with the right accessories like jewelry can also make a big difference.

Put attention on your style.

Your dress should fit the occasion.

Clothes not only cover our bodies and complement our appearance but also define our internal states. In this regard, it’s critical to dress according to the occasion. For instance, when attending specific events like weddings, you need to wear particular garments to suit the occasion. 

When attending occasions like Mahendi, it’s advisable to wear a Punjabi dress that may captivate many people. Such circumstances demand that you go traditional in terms of style. You can borrow a leaf from celebs like Katriana Kaif and Anushka.


You need to choose the right style that fits the weather. In case you’re experiencing summer in your location, it’s advisable to go for breezy clothing like loose shorts and sandals.

Dress according to weather

Great goggles

The accessories you choose to complement your dress style is critical. Sunglasses are essential as they back up your form. The market is replete with many kinds of glasses that are offered at different prices. Choose the one that you can afford.

In conclusion, there are multiple approaches that you can apply to look like the most fashionable woman in India. This blog has explored some juicy tips that you can utilize to look great.