Fun Places To Camp Around Denver

Living in a big city like Denver can get stressful and cramped over time. With so many people living close together, it's only natural that some people may feel stifled and suffocated. Although Denver provides plenty of job opportunities and various entertainment options for you to enjoy, dealing with large crowds and crowded places is just part of the deal you make when you close on Denver real estate. However, if you ever feel yourself getting too crowded in the Mile-High city there are options for you to escape to. So what are the best campgrounds to escape to? Here are some fun places to camp around Denver.

If you’re looking for an extremely close Denver getaway, Bill Moore Lake might be the perfect option for you. Bill Moore Lake has always been a hit for those that are looking for a more classic camping experience. There’s a limited amount of amenities at the campsites, unlike other campsites on the list. That being said, the surrounding area is extremely gorgeous and is great for a classic camping trip. However, if you’re expecting to go glamping or have lots of amenities near your campsite, then you might want to look at another campground on the list.

Bill Moore Lake

Cow Creek Campground

As a part of White River National Forest, Cow Creek Campground is an absolutely stunning place to camp out at. The area has 44 suitable camping spots, spots that can accommodate tents, RVs, and trailers. One of the best things about Cow Creek Campground is its affinity for water activities. The campground is located on Green Mountain Reservoir, meaning that there are plenty of rivers and other areas of water to use. As a result, the campground is extremely popular for those looking to engage in boating, fishing, canoeing, or kayaking. If you’re looking to combine camping and water activities, then Cow Creek is the perfect campground to choose from.

One of the best things about camping is getting in touch with the local wildlife and nature that surrounds the campsite. One of the best places to do this around Denver is Mueller State Park, a campground known for close encounters with wildlife. Mueller is home to a wide variety of animals including sheep, eagles, hawks, elk, and the massive black bear. The elk are often the most sought after, as they are a lot easier to track down than eagles, hawks and bears. You can find information on how to get up close to an elk and other deer on the Feed That Game website. In addition to the plethora of wildlife, the park is also home to fifty-five miles of trails that visitors can use for walking, hiking, or biking. If you want to get out in the world and see some amazing wildlife, Mueller State Park is a great place to visit.

Mueller State Park

Parry Peak Campground

Another great option to camp around the Denver area is Parry Peak Campground. Party Peak offers twenty-five camping sites that are available on a first-come basis with no reservations. The campground has just about everything you’d want from the great outdoors, making it a great place to escape to. Each sight has a picnic table and a fire ring, allowing you to cook a meal over an open flame and enjoy it with a nice picnic. In addition, there are various hiking trails around the campsite that you can take advantage of. Finally, the campground is located right next to the Twin Lakes, so if you’d rather engage in water activities then you always have that option.