Hot tips to find the best eyebrow tweezers for hair removal

Found the eyebrow trend that you love this year? Then getting eyebrow tweezers should be your next step. With the best eyebrow clippers, you can sculpt your brows to perfection every day of the week and turn into a trend setting brow enthusiast. There is however a variety of eyebrow tweezing implements out there. So we understand if you just don’t know how to pick the right one. Here is where we can help, as our experts know what you are going through and have the information you need to make the right choice. Just keep reading to learn how to navigate the maze of options, and find all you need to know about the best rated tweezers for eyebrows.

Among the forest of implements available for getting your eyebrows into shape, there is very little that can beat eyebrow clippers. Powered by your fingers, a clipper grips unruly brow hairs and removes them with ease. This ease of use has resulted in clippers accumulating a devoted fan following. Not surprisingly they are the first thing women and men reach for when sculpting their brows. Once you have reliable eyebrow clippers in your makeup bag, you don’t have to head to the salon for frequent eyebrow threading or waxing sessions.

Why are eyebrow clippers the staple choice when it comes to brows?

The benefits of using slant tipped clippers

Clippers for eyebrows come in several shapes and forms. There are clippers with pointed tips, rounded tips, a combination of the slanted and pointed tip, and even those with a light inbuilt. Despite the ever-increasing types of clippers available, the good old slanted tip version is still going strong. The popularity of slant-tip eyebrow clipper just can’t be beaten because of the following points:

  • Slant tipped eyebrow pincers are extremely versatile and easily reach hair on every part of your brow.
  • The pointed tip allows for the pincers to be used as a precision eyebrow shaper. You can get rid of a single pesky hair without ruining your overall brow shape and accidentally plucking our adjacent hairs.
  • The slanted shape allows for the hassle-free application of eyebrow wigs and false eyelashes.

DIY eyebrow grooming is increasingly a necessity as salons remain closed due to social distancing rules in place. However, quickly and efficiently grooming your eyebrows at home is possible. The first step is getting clippers that are capable of delivering those perfectly sculpted eyebrows. Here is what you need to know to identify and buy the perfect eyebrow pincers.

  • Look for brow hair removal tweezers created from stainless steel as they are hypoallergenic, and are less likely to cause an allergic reaction.
  • Pincers created from stainless steel or hardened steel do not break when dropped, and therefore are long-lasting when compared to plastic versions.
  • Steel clippers retain their shape for longer and give you more bang for the buck.
  • Blunt edged eyebrow clippers can lengthen the time needed to tweeze your eyebrows. So ensure that the tip of the clipper can be sharpened easily with a nail file.
  • Get eyebrow nippers that can be cleaned and maintained easily as this will minimize the chance of bacteria buildup.
  • Ensure that the eyebrow pincers are constructed well as you might have to remove blood from it after pulling eyebrow hair. Improperly constructed eyebrow nippers are harder to clean and this can cause health complications.

What you need to look for when choosing eyebrow clippers

Expert tips for using precision eyebrow tweezers


So you don’t count yourself among the crowd of experts when it comes to eyebrow tweezing. Not to worry, even if you are an amateur you can still make use of our expert tips given below when using clippers for your eyebrows.

Before you apply eyebrow powder, use pincers to provide your brows with the desired shape, and ensure stray hairs are removed.

  • If blood gets onto clippers when removing hair, use an alcohol-based rub and clean it immediately.
  • Clean your eyebrow clippers at least once a week to ensure harmful bacteria buildup is eliminated.
  • Do not use rusty eyebrow clippers, so as soon as you notice any rust buildup get rid of them.
  • Keep the cap on the clipper as this will prevent the tips from becoming dull.
  • Store the clipper in a cup and ensure the tips are pointing up as this will help them remain sharp for longer.

Savarnas Mantra Precision Brow Tweezers are created with cutting edge design and advanced materials. The sturdy material used in its build provides users with a secure grip. Ergonomic design allows you to maintain a comfortable hold on the pincers when it is in use, and easily reach all spots on an eyebrow.

Durable and priced affordably Savarnas Mantra Tweezers are the best choice if you want to sculpt medium, thick or thin brows to perfection. With the best rated clippers for eyebrows, precise removal of gray hairs, or creating a striking arch and tail for your brows is a walk in the park.











Written by a Savarnas Mantra beauty expert

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Slanted brow tweezers are simply the best