7 travel packing tips to maximise fun on a trip

Have you ever tried to explain a travel experience to someone and were at a loss of words?

Travel usually does that to us. It grabs us in its beauty, making us feel a frenzy of emotions we’ve never felt before, leaving us speechless and yearning for more!

Everyone loves traveling. Give a chance to people, and they will always be ready to shun everything to go on a trip. The only thought that stops most people in their tracks is the idea of packing and unpacking the baggage.

Packing is a tough nut to crack - you get it right; your whole trip would be fun but, if you get it wrong, you would be scrambling to spot the nearest store on your trip.

Some people pack too much and end up disorganized, paying money to the airlines for additional luggage. Meanwhile, others (like me) fret out at the mere idea of cramming the essentials.

The anxiety of figuring out what to pack can hamper one’s pre-travel excitement.

If you are stuck, I am here to help you. You can also learn to be a SMART packer. Over the years, I have gained reasonable packing wisdom, and I would love to share some pearls of packing-wisdom with you. 

Let’s take a look together:


Packing mishaps range from inconvenient (flying to Hawaii without a swimsuit) to disastrous (leaving your home without wallet). Thankfully, most of these disasters are avoidable through planning.

Create a checklist for yourself days or even weeks ahead of your departure. It gives you an insight into the preparation. Also, you get to decide when and what you must purchase for the upcoming journey. 

In case you consider creating lists an arduous task, you can always steal a comprehensive printable packing list from different websites. Checklists are, indeed, a sure-fire way to let you not forget the basic stuff.



1. Start with a packing list

2. Roll your clothes

The best way to avoid creases and make the most out of your luggage space is to roll the clothing. Lay your tees face down, fold the sleeves in, and roll from bottom to top. For the lowers, put both legs together and fold from waist towards the bottom. 

Once you have rolled the clothes, place them at the bottom of your suitcase. Then over the clothing, you can fit in the shoes and accessories. This way, everything fits in snugly, and the bag is not bursting at seams or hard to zip up.



I strongly advise that you check the airline’s baggage policy before packing (or when booking tickets). Each airline keeps a limit on the luggage passengers can carry on a plane. It also includes different restrictions on the weight and dimensions of your luggage.

These regulations are subject to fluctuation, so keenly observe them. To ensure that you don’t end up paying too much, be well-aware of the baggage policies levied by the airline.



3. Check airline baggage fare

4. Use packing cubes

Packing cubes will be your best friend through the journey. With these in place, you won’t need to fidget around in the suitcase to find your stuff. These are zippered fabric containers, typically in a rectangular shape. They are available in different sizes and colors and are sold as a set. 

These bags accommodate various items, not only clothing. You can stack them together to keep the suitcase organized. The best part is, they are thin and durable, so you don’t lose out on the precious space.



You may feel like jumping into the nearby stream during a stroll in the park, or a sudden urge to take a mountain hike may hit you hard. These urges often tempt people during leisure travel. Except that most times, the lack of preparation puts a damper on fulfilling these wishes.

Having extra clothing and essentials on you will allow you to do as you like. A carry-on backpack with basic stuff, a few bucks, clothing essentials, and food items will keep you prepared for the unexpected events and last-minute change of plans.

For example, if you plan on going to the beach, carry an extra swimsuit with you. On a hiking trip, I’d suggest you carry extra sweatshirts and men’s underwear with pouch. They will make hiking easier for you as they provide extra support to your organs. Also, they will not make you feel exhausted due to excess sweating.

These are the examples of bare essentials you can have in your carry-on to help you prepare for the surprises you may encounter on your trip.



5. Always have a carry-on

6. Avoid overpacking

You may feel the temptation to put in all your favorite items at home. That Harry Potter Series which you read years ago, you may be eager to pack it too!

Packing minimal is an art. There are a few tips to make you the artist. The most famous one is, pick what you think you need and cut it in half. It may sound insane, but it works quite well. This way, you will have the exact amount of essentials you need on that trip.

If you overpack, it will be a tough unpack at the destination. Moreover, repacking, when moving to another destination, will be another ordeal.



Airports do not allow carrying water bottles. Given that it is an essential item, you can keep an empty water container inside the carry-on. Later, you can fill it up from a café or public water stations. It is an environmental-friendly practice as you won’t be buying plastic bottles repeatedly.

7. Carry a portable water bottle

Parting Thoughts

Bear in mind; your packing depends on your destination. If you are flying to the sandy beaches of California, your luggage and essentials will be different as compared to when you visit Los Angeles. Figure out the requirement of your travel destination first. 

A pro tip that often helps is to keep some extra space. A duffle that folds up or an extra bag gives you the space to store shopping and souvenirs – the mandatory part of every trip.

About Author:

Justin is a fashion enthusiast and has the soul of a traveler. Staying atop the fashion trends, styling and grooming are etched in every fiber of his being. Not only that, but he loves to share his thoughts with a myriad of people via his blogs. You can follow him on Twitter @justcody89