6 Ways Your Hair Loves Coconut

Coconuts can be a little bit of an enigma for some people. They’re not exactly one of the most popular fruits out there, and it’s not because they don’t taste good, it’s just because they’re not common outside specific areas, nor are they easy to grow.


It’s a tropical fruit which grows on palm trees and over 70% of the coconut trees are native to The Philippines, Indonesia and India combined. Over the last decade or so, the value of the coconut has started to come to light. Why? Because people are more conscious of the variety of vitamins and wellness and nutrition have exploded and expanded as fields of interest for many. 


While in the Western world we’ve always acknowledged the taste, but just lately we’re counting on it as a sort of a remedy, in those tropical regions which are the native land of the coconut, they’ve been used for many years in a variety of different ways. 


Coconut actually has quite a few unsung health benefits that are only now becoming apparent to the rest of us. From weight loss, to cholesterol to heart health, there’s lots of ways that it can help you.


But these benefits don’t just come from eating the meat or drinking coconut milk or water, you can also use it to help your teeth, your skin and it’s perhaps most effective as a treatment for your hair. 


Your hair loves coconut, there are so many good things you can expect if you decide to treat your hair with coconut oil. Let’s look at 6 of them.


If your hair is prone to being knotty, you’re probably spending way too much time brushing and probably getting pretty frustrated in the process. The reason why this is happening is due to a lack of moisture.


Dry hair is going to stick together and knot up which makes it difficult, and oftentimes painful, to brush and detangle. Coconut oil is a perfect solution to that. It’s a natural way to make your hair nice and slick and easy to brush.



Stimulates Growth

Hair loss is something that a huge number of us are going to have to deal with at some point in our lives. It’s kind of unavoidable and there isn’t really a surefire way to fix the problem just yet, despite the fact that people have been working on it for years.


But we have made a certain amount of progress. There are some new methods that you can try which are known to work in certain cases - as per HairGuard, microneedling is helpful for the application of mild natural oils and balms and it can speed up the process. Coconut oil is just the perfect thing to combine!


It’s not necessarily going to make your hair actually grow faster or anything, but a big reason for hair loss is damaged roots and follicles. And rubbing coconut oil into your scalp can help keep these things moisturized to prevent said damage.


Your hair turning gray is yet another consequence of aging and also something that’s caused by damaged roots or roots that are no longer getting the necessary proteins to maintain their natural colour.


Coconut oil is unlike a lot of other oils in that it will actually go deep into your scalp and will bind itself to the protein in your hair, right down to the deepest roots. Here it will strengthen the fibers and slow down the whitening.


How you can achieve this is by rubbing it into your scalp in the shower before you use your shampoo.


Preserves Colour

Fends of Chlorine and Sodium

To get a little bit more specific in regards to what you can do with coconut oil, it’s a great thing to apply to your hair before you go for a swim. Regardless of whether or not it’s in the sea or in a pool.

Both chlorine and saltwater can work their way into your hair follicles and cause damage if they’re regularly exposed. Coconut oil will act as a strong barrier to that and will add a protective layer so that you won’t see too many negative effects.

If you’ve got lice in your hair, the general solution to it is some form of medical cream. It will get the job done for sure, but it involves layering some dubious chemicals onto your hair and scalp and it’s probably not that cheap.


But studies have been conducted involving a large group of children who were given a cream made up of coconut oil and a few other oils as a treatment for lice and it was just as effective as the medical cream.


So maybe it’s worth trying coconut oil and seeing if you can find success that way before seeking out something prescribed.


Kills Lice

Boosts Conditioning

I don’t mean that you can substitute coconut oil for conditioner, that’s not really how this works, but you can use it to enhance your conditioning. The reason being that coconut will trap the hydrating ingredients found in the conditioner to your hair. 


This will ensure that they can penetrate the shaft for longer and will do so more effectively. So a layer of coconut oil after you’ve conditioned should be really helpful in ensuring that the conditioner has its desired effect.


The use of coconut oil has been proven to be effective as a treatment for your hair in many ways. If you want to give it a try, check out our product and if you're skeptical, why not start with some easy to use and inexpensive mini-pouches.


You can see for yourself just how different your hair will feel if you follow so many others and get on board with coconut oil.