5 Tips To Make A Persuasive Logo Intro Animation

With the remarkable advancement in digital and animation technology, myriads of logo design and animation tools are becoming prevalent. Most businesses across the globe are showing profound interest in leveraging top-grade animation software to create outstanding logo intro animation for their marketing videos.

To stand out from the competition and make the marketing videos more appealing, effective utilization of logo design and animation software has become imperative these days.


In the digital age, one of the reasons behind the success of a company is a robust video marketing strategy. It is more convenient to draw the attention of target audiences and boost brand visibility by making eye-catching and informative promotional videos. You, too,  could stand out and improve your start-up firm's growth quickly if you start making noteworthy marketing videos.

It has become vital to start every marketing video with an animated logo of your company. A well-designed animated logo plays an active role in marketing videos.  It is easier to grab the eyeballs of your potential clients or consumers by including a fantastic animated brand logo. Most businesses add a logo intro animation to their promotional videos using a YouTube video editor, such as InVideo.  

To establish your brand image and accomplish your business goals, designing an animated logo and including the same in the introduction of every product or service marketing video are essential. The key reasons to use an animated logo in every marketing video:

  • Establishes your company as unique and original
  • Increases brand awareness
  • Creates an appealing first impression
  • Triggers various sorts of emotions
  • Facilitates in presenting your brand in front of your audience in a compelling way
  • Helps your brand in maintaining top-notch professionalism

Significance Of An Animated Logo

Tips To Make A Spectacular Logo Intro Animation

know Here are the top factors to consider before creating a logo animation:

  • Ensure that you conduct a thorough analysis of your business objectives and be well-informed of your brand's personality.
  • Survey to know the preference of your existing and potential customers comprehensively.
  • Ensure that the brand logo comprises elements that fill the target audience with awe.
  • Make the logo intro animation part short (not more than 10 seconds), crisp and compelling.


1.Watch Before You Make 

Watch as many logo intro animation videos as you can. Checking out videos that are available all over the internet can help you decide on what to include and what not to while designing your animation logo. 

2. Depict Your Brand Identity 

A logo can help immensely in establishing the identity of a brand. Hence, while designing the animation logo of your brand, make sure that it depicts your brand identity. Your target audience will be able to connect with your brand instantly if the logo intro animation intrigues them. Before working on the logo design, you have to decide on how you want your target audiences to connect with your company. 

3. Make The Most Of Each Frame 

To make the logo intro appealing, you have to pay attention to each frame while planning and executing the animation logo design. Try to build curiosity, and trigger their emotions with each frame. Intriguingly designing your logo will compel your target audience to observe the entire marketing video.

4. Create A Dynamic Logo Animation

Know that if you create a dynamic brand logo animation, you will be able to draw significant attention from your potential customers from the very first frame of your marketing video. A dynamic animation logo design plays a substantial role in creating a unique appeal to the sense of your target audience. Try to animate each sign, icon, and letter, which are the intrinsic part of a brand logo.

5. Keep It Short and Simple 

Ensure that your logo intro animation is short and simple. It will make it stand out and memorable. Make use of an online intro maker, such as InVideo, for rightly incorporating your feelings while creating the logo intro animation. You can make it professional or add a fun factor. Be creative and think outside the box!   

Use these tips to create a persuasive logo video intro animation for your marketing videos.  Unleash your creativity and boost your marketing strategy to become successful!  


Here Are Five Tips To Make A Persuasive Logo Intro Animation: