10 Mental Health Benefits of a Clean Bedroom

We all know that now more than ever we need to start thinking about our mental health, as well as the mental health of others. During lockdown everyone has been doing things that we never would have expected, such as learning how to knit or decluttering. So today I wanted to run though the importance and wonderful benefits that come from having a clean bedroom with Spares2You as they asked me to investigate the wonders of what a clean bedroom can do for your mental health. 

Spring/summer cleaning can do wonders for your mental health, by getting rid of old memories, ornaments that don’t fit your personal style anymore. It’s suggested by various surveys that by having a room refresh and detox of old furniture and clothing every 6 months will promote better mental health, and positive energy. 

The great thing about getting rid of old things, is that it hardly takes any time and you get instantly gratifying results. 

1. Time to get rid of the old

2. You’ll wake up feeling fresh

One habit I’ve grown to understand and love, which makes so much different in my mental attitude is blasting fresh air through the windows and doors during the day. Stagnant air can leave lingering smells, whilst also making it more difficult for a room to heat up. So if like me if you want a room to heat up quickly in the winter, take 10 minutes to open your windows. It’s also a very handy tip for when you want your bed's king size sheets to smell better for longer. For a more relaxing atmosphere you could light up a Nag Champa incense stick. They are plant-based and produce a heavy earthy aroma which will make your room smell like an ancient Buddhist temple. ancient Buddhist temple. Or if you have a budget, consider new bedroom furniture.

Firstly, by keeping your bedroom clean, and tidy you would have knackered yourself out and more likely to get deeper sleep. But also it’s proven that having a chaotic bedroom can distract you from the important hours that you should be relaxing. 

To avoid this, take out as many distractions as possible, such as a TV, games console or any kind of work that can be within your vision when you’re settling down. If you however have a studio apartment, or student accommodation where your work space is your sleeping space, invest in some filing folders, or small cabinets so you can mentally put your work to bed, a few hours before you go to sleep. 

3. Higher quality sleep

4. Less distraction

Your bedroom should be a place of positivity and rest. You’ll find by having a clean bedroom you’ll have less distractions and stress, as you go to sleep knowing you never got a chance to sort out the pile of clothes stacked on the chair, or got a chance to hoover the dust bunnies that have collected underneath the bed. Simplicity is key in a bedroom, and even people will maximalist taste in interior design, reign in their ways when it comes to bedroom design. If you are however looking for ways to create a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere, include some spa-like aspects into your bedroom such as candles, incense, aromatherapy oils, and play soothing music. No matter where I stay, I always use the Headspace app as a good way to wind down and I can enjoy my clean bedroom stress free with some lovely sounds. 

Our stress and mental health can be projected on other people, as whoever we’re sharing our bedroom with, will no doubt be inflicted with your problems, tossing/turning and lack of sleep from stress. Why not decide together what bedroom chores you want to delegate with the other, so that the work gets done twice as quickly, so you can spend more time lounging around with them in your new, clean and fragrant sheets. 

5. Better connection with loved ones


6. Productivity levels will be high

Have you ever started cleaning one room, and suddenly had the productivity to clean the entire house? Not only will you feel positively motivated to do something active, which is reportedly great for mental health. But you will also see the instantly satisfying results from a clean space, so that you can utilise that space for other fun things. A messy bedroom, can lead to a messy mind. So why not take the time to have a clean out, and focus your energy on doing something productive. 

Cleaning can be one of the most therapeutic activities, and if you’re prone to slugging out on the sofa, not communicating to people or getting your heart active from cleaning, then this point alone will help you through social anxiety. You’ll be proud of your space. The more areas of your life that can get your confidence up, the less mental health will bombard you. Cleaning your bedroom won’t be the cure-all, but it’ll certainly help build your confidence whilst you’re getting exercise through your chores. 

7. Social confidence

8. Less stress

We’re all trying to eliminate as much stress from our lives as possible right? Everyone already has so much on their plate, from paying bills to striving for a social life. So by cleaning your bedroom, you can exhale some of the bad stress by making yourself highly productive in small ways. If you’ve got big plans on the weekend and don’t intend to be in the house much, then delegate your efforts into creating a clean and tidy space for when you do come home. 

By simply spending 20/30 minutes per day on house maintenance, the less likely you’ll need to spend cluttering up full weekends which are intended for rest. You can start or break a habit in 30 days, and the more prone you are to leaving your fresh clothes around, and not hang them up in a wardrobe, the more likely you are to keep doing the same repetitive actions. 

Try these sheets for memory foam beds to have a good night’s sleep. Every morning, make time to make the bed, or take the sheets off ready to wash.Open the curtains and open the windows. Remove any dirty washing from the floor, or washing baskets. Fold or hang your clothes that you draped over the chair. Do a general tidy up, by putting things back in their drawers (whilst you’re doing that, it’s a great time to dust your surfaces and hoover!) 

Doing simple little tasks daily for your mental health, that only take a few minutes each time, the more you’ll find it a breeze to do it daily. And the more you look back on your day, you’ll realise you got a ton of tasks done, which that in itself is highly satisfying! 

9. Better house maintenance

10. Overall happiness

Little acts of kindness towards yourself can take off so much weight to your mental health. If you’re going through a difficult time, it could be worthwhile cleaning out your bedroom, and seeing if you can make some changes for the better. If one room in the house can make you feel fractionally better about yourself, and keep you distracted than you’ve made a move in the right direction. You can also check out this video on how to organise your closets which is equally as beneficial as cleaning your actual bedroom space.