Ultimate Guide to Buying Athletic Shoes

People rave about certain inventions being the best thing "since sliced bread," when they should really be saying, "since tennis shoes." I whole-heartedly disagree; I can't imagine navigating the day, without a trust pair of athletic shoes to get from A to B. There is absolutely nothing more satisfying than buying the best running shoes for flat feet. Shoes you could wear all day; like a second skin, conformed to your foot so perfectly you could fall asleep in them unnoticeably. While we do not recommend sleeping in shoes, we can however advise you on how to find the perfect pair of athletic shoes, to last you through and through.



Before you start your search, you must first determine the intended use for your shoes. Are they going to be work shoes for all-day standing? Will you be engaging in cross-country, long-distance marathon running? Or perhaps you'd like some weightlifting shoes like: https://www.ryderwear.com/collections/weightlifting-shoes. Will you need durable, extra treading for rough terrain or hiking? No matter the condition, there's a shoe for it and the best way to find what you need, is to thin-out the results by eliminating the unnecessary. 

General Purpose


Certain brands specialize in the fabrication of shoes that are specific to your purpose. The attractive, more popular brands generally come to mind, but there are the lesser-known companies that usually offer a finer product to fit your needs. Conduct the necessary research, and don't be afraid to check out what other countries are offering. Just remember to use the international size conversion chart when finalizing your purchase. If you want to find the absolute best there is to offer, find out what Olympic athletes in your specialty are wearing, to get an idea of what shoes get results. These are ways to find out the sort of quality that exists. At any rate, do not take the products built by specialists for granted, they exist solely for you. Pun intentional. Wink.

In order to increase the longevity of your shoes, you want to be able to remove the sole, for the purpose of washing or replacing it over time. It is often time the solution to tricking your feet into feeling like you bought a new pair of shoes. You can replace the manufacturer's sole with a new gel, memory foam or arch supportive one, customizing your shoe-wearing experience. Can you say, "happy feet?"

The Soul of the Shoes


Be sure to think about the conditions under  which you will be wearing your shoes. If - you are looking for shoes best for morning or late-night run, a running shoe made of mesh is your best bet. While mesh material is lightweight and airy, it only takes a rainy day to take them out of commission and run the risk of mold, mildew and, dare we say, stinky athletic feet. However, If it's snowy or rainy, you will want to purchase leather, or weather/water-proof shoes. For the animal-friendly folks, not at all interested in purchasing leather shoes, check out those made of polyurethane, which is durable, weather-proof and lightweight.

Very rarely will you find a company that offers a 100% guarantee or a lifetime warranty, but if or when you do, keep them as a supplier, why? Because that is like a one-time payment, for a lifetime pair of shoes. The only way to lose out on this deal, is to lose the pair of shoes themselves. On top of that, the company is guarantee-ing their product will last a lifetime--why would anyone pass up on that deal?? I know I wouldn't.