Sustainable Seafood and Seasalt Dining

Every health and environment-conscious consumer wants to know that their food is coming from a natural, safe, and sustainable source. We do our best to choose our food wisely and make healthy choices when we grocery shop and we understand that we have at least a small amount of power when it comes to what products we choose to spend our money on. The same should be said for the restaurants we patronize but do you what it means to eat truly sustainable seafood? How can you be sure that the food at your favorite restaurants is ethically farmed? Let’s take a deeper look at sustainable seafood and one of our favorite, environmentally friendly restaurants: Seasalt.

First of all, what is sustainable seafood anyway? Sustainable seafood is caught or farmed in ways that do not impede the long-term livelihood of the species and the region in which it lives. Simply put: the company selling you the fish you eat isn’t doing damage to the species or the environment. 

It’s important to patronize places that support sustainable seafood because overfishing and the destruction of the environment are putting a huge strain on environmental ecology, which could cause irreparable long-term damage to the planet long-term and is also already having a huge negative impact on fishing communities on coasts all over the world. 

You can make sure you are only consuming sustainably raised seafood in a few ways. First, look for the Eco label. This is a special label that indicates to the consumer that their product and business practices have been certified sustainable.

Also, do research on when different types of fish are in season. Just as we know there are seasons for fruit and vegetables, there are also seasons for fish. Do your research to make sure you are only eating fish that is the season and you will not only be making an environmental statement, you’ll also save money.

You can also find a seafood guide from a trusted source. This helps you find farms and brands that have ethical practices. 

Once you make the change in your own home, the next step is to support restaurants that make the same choices in supporting farms that use sustainable practices. 


Sustainable Seafood

Seasalt Dining

When it comes to sustainably harvested seafood, no one is more knowledgeable than the chefs at Seasalt in Bali, Indonesia.

Located on the west coast of Bali on Seminyak Beach, Seasalt offers a fine dining experience with a phenomenal view of the water and a Japanese influence. Their open kitchen and terrace seating provides an atmosphere of cozy luxury. 

However, the ocean view brunch isn’t even the best thing about Seasalt. Chef Vivian Vitalis guarantees that their seafood is sustainably line-caught from Indonesia. Not only that, but it’s also seasoned with local salts.

Seasalt partners with Bali Sustainable Seafood. Started in 2017, Bali Sustainable Seafood is an organization that strives to provide local businesses with the highest quality wild-caught seafood by supporting and even creating Eco Impact Fisheries in Indonesia. These fisheries aim to support the environmental ecology and prevent small fishing communities from being wiped out by overfishing. 

The restaurant is thinking about its environmental aspect in other areas as well. For example, they serve cocktails that are ocean-inspired and are created using leftover, recycled, and upcycled ingredients to prevent food waste. They are known and celebrated for their brunch menu, but they’re open for lunch and dinner too. Their menu is constantly evolving, partly based on what seafood is in season. Be sure to check their events calendar so you don’t miss any of their coastal celebrations!

Whether you’re stopping by for brunch with your family, bringing a big group of friends for an eco-friendly dinner, or enjoying a romantic date night with Seasalt’s exclusive Twilight for Two tasting menu, Seasalt is the perfect choice for any occasion. Don’t go too much on it, you won’t be able to stop and travel is one of the areas that are the easiest to budget if we play it consciously!

Wondering if you’ll be in good hands at Seasalt Seminyak? Definitely - Seasalt has been recognized by What’s New Bali, Trip Canvas, Exquisite Taste, Indonesia Tatler, and more.