Styling Up A Radley Watch

So as you're all incredibly aware, that we're living through such crazy times, and everything seems extremely uncertain. Moods are going up and down, and who knows what day it is anymore? I believe one of the best ways to perk yourself up and a guaranteed way to bring some happiness into your life is self care and treating yourself to good quality pieces. So today I'm going to be talking you through my latest Radley London watch from Chapelle which has inspired me to create new outfit ideas from my wardrobe, and bring some overall happiness through fashion.


radley london watch - stephi lareine liverpool fashion blogger

Over the years I've mastered the art of colour clashing, but lately I've been gaining my inspiration from colour co-ordination. So you'll now find me matching my shoes, bags and makeup around one object. I think it's a fun way of looking at fashion, and helps break up different looks daily with new style inspiration.

Co-ordinating colours

Channeling your personality

I'm absolutely obsessed with stars, most of my jewellery will have a celestial element, and is most probably my nod to David Bowie, as he's been my idol for so many years.

Because fashion is fun, it's good to sit down and work out who you are, what you represent and how you can channel that into your daily wear. Even if you're adding a simple pop of your favourite colour, it can create so much dimension within an outfit.

radley london watch - stephi lareine liverpool fashion blogger
Stephi LaReine liverpool fashion blogger

It can seem incredibly tempting to buy a cheap watch, but if you really want to cherish it, love it and keep it for many years I suggest investing a little bit extra into a watch that suits you perfectly. Not only are you supporting a designer, but you'll be able to rework that watch into any outfit, and for any occasion over time.

Seek out good quality

Pick your size

My taste in watches has drastically changed over the years, I'd always sport a watch with a large face throughout all my outfits. Whereas now 25 year old me really finds the beauty in a watch with a small face and an adorable design - hence why I always go back to Radley London for my watches, as they're beautiful pieces of art that look stunning on a small wrist.

Head to a shop and try on different sizes and designs to find out what is your ideal size.

radley london watch - stephi lareine liverpool fashion blogger