Moving Houses: Quick Tips for Mums

Moving can be quite the stressful thing to do for anyone, especially given the things you have to work on. You have to worry about fixing documents for your new home, getting arrangements for work, and even the actual packing of your stuff. As a young professional, this might’ve been easier to do. However, if you’re also a full-time mum, managing a household and a house move can be quite overwhelming. Thankfully, you can pull off an excellent move with some quick tips: 


One of the things that can make moves a bit daunting is being unfamiliar with your new home. If possible, frequently visit your new home and neighborhood with the family so you can all be familiar with where the essentials are. Where’s the nearest hospital, police station, and fire station? What are the nearest restaurants and popular establishments? Knowing these will help you find out places where you can stay in case of emergencies, and your family can ease into the move.

Visit your new home and neighborhood to get familiar with your new environment

Fix your documentation as soon as possible

When you’ve decided to conduct a move, make sure you settle your paperwork early on. For instance, you should start fixing your utilities, house and lot titles, and other essential documentation to legitimize and formalize your move. Your move can get stressful if you delay these things, as they might occupy a lot of your time if done in a rush. This is also the time when you should consider hiring moving services long distance and to reach out to them in your new home’s area.

If you live in a fairly large household, gather the family and talk about the moving process. This is also the best way for you to see which parts of the move can people in your household help with. Your partner can help you manage the paperwork while your eldest children can help with the packing of their own rooms. Your little children can also pack their toys in small boxes, so they can learn how to be responsible with the things they own. Letting your children help you gives them a great sense of responsibility, and may be a great bonding experience.

Gather the family and see how they can help.

Shop for packing materials for just one time

 If you have to shop for packing materials, dedicate just one shopping day for this task. It’s important to conserve time during the move, and the travel to-and-from your hardware store can consume time you can otherwise use for packing and travelling. When shopping for packing materials, always keep in mind that you should do this only once, so better buy twice as much supplies so you always have extra on you, and so you can maximize your moving efforts.

If you have working people in the household, maximize your breaks, leaves, and days off to do things related to the move. For instance, you can use your leaves and paid time offs to pack things slowly or even contact the people necessary to help you with your move. That way, you can allocate actual leaves to days before and after moving day for you to properly set up in your new home.

Maximize your leaves and days off

See if you should hire professionals

Another important consideration if you’re moving houses is whether you may need to hire professionals  such as Seka Moving Company, NYC Movers, designers, and other people that may be able to help you with the move. These individuals have the right training and equipment to be of assistance, especially when carrying things around and putting them in moving trucks. If you have the budget, they can take a lot of the stress of heavy-lifting away and you and your family can focus on the other parts of the move. You will have to decide whether you are going to work with a large national brand or a local company.  Ask several of them for moving quotes to figure out which companies will fit your budget best. 

With the above tips in mind, it’s important to remember that moving houses can actually be possible for anyone, even mums, with the right plan  and approach. You should remember to take note of what resources and manpower you have, so you can check whether you can rely on other members of the family to manage packing their own things, or if you have to hire a man with a van in Liverpool or other professionals for assistance. Happy moving!

Moving Houses: Mums Can Make It Possible!