About to invest in a Clarisonic Brush? 5 Things You Need to Know First

Not everyone has naturally attractive skin, but there are ways to address all of the most common problems people experience. Many people make heavy use of consumable products that are meant to clean skin and support their health in other ways.

The Clarisonic brush is an increasingly popular alternative that has received a lot of attention online. Although by no means a panacea, Clarisonic has built up an enthusiastic base of fans who swear by its effectiveness.

While adding a Clarisonic system to your home can make sense, there are five things you should understand before purchasing one. Keep the following facts in mind, and you will be able to determine whether Clarisonic is right for you.



Some skin care products can be surprisingly harsh, as many people have discovered. The chemicals found in plenty of creams, lotions, and ointments can actually harm the skin if great care is not taken.

Clarisonic works in an entirely different way, but it needs to be used carefully, too. Its relatively intense mechanical action can irritate the skin and even promote inflammation.

While the product's manufacturer claims it can be used twice daily, some independent experts disagree. As those who see more information online will discover, some think that limit should be cut in half.

1. It is Best Used in Moderation

2. It is Effective at Exfoliation

Like many of the best-selling consumable beauty products, Clarisonic specializes in exfoliation. Stripping away the dead cells on the outermost layers of the skin can certainly promote health and improved appearance.

Unlike the application of makeup, though, exfoliation is not directly, immediately reversible. While the body will produce new skin cells in response to exfoliation, the process of recovery takes some time.

This is why it is so important to use Clarisonic especially carefully. Excessive exfoliation can expose vulnerable tissues and create other problems.



Although most fans buy and promote Clarisonic because of its effectiveness at exfoliating, it can help out with other types of beauty-focused activity, too. The mechanical action of the Clarisonic brush combines with its specially designed heads to make it a highly efficient remover of makeup.

That allows Clarisonic to serve two purposes at once, where appropriate and desired. Some users prefer to stick to their favorite chemical makeup removers, but that will not always be strictly necessary.

3. It Removes Makeup Quickly

4. Dermatologists Recommend It

Clarisonic's manufacturer has gone to some pains to collect endorsements from licensed dermatologists. While this is not necessarily an ironclad indicator of effectiveness or overall usefulness, it is at least somewhat suggestive.

It will always be best to speak to a dermatologist if there any questions about the safety or utility of a particular product. Clarisonic's record of being recommended by medical professionals, though, counts as a point in its favor as far as many are concerned.


The number-one reason to use any type of exfoliating product is to help skin look younger. While there are other kinds of products that can help, exfoliants often produce rapid results that are quite noticeable.

Clarisonic is no exception, even though it uses mechanical action instead of chemicals. Fans of Clarisonic often praise it as the one response to the signs of aging that left them feeling satisfied.

Like anything else, how well Clarisonic works will vary from person to person. Keep the five facts above in mind before you purchase a system, and you should be well-positioned to make an informed decision.


5. It Can Help Reverse Some Signs of Aging