Visit The Milwaukee Museum Of Bobbleheads

Bobbleheads as we distinguish them nowadays — portraying cartoonish forms of celebs or notable characters — appeared in 1960. They've kept on developing in ubiquity from that point onward. The accounts behind the bobbleheads are significant, it's not only a collectible or toy. There are individuals delineated in the bobbleheads that you can find out about.

Around 2013, Milwaukee inhabitants Phil Sklar & Brad Novak apprehended they had an issue of a 3,000-piece bobblehead assortment hitch. The custom bobblehead experience established the thought for a museum (The National Bobblehead Hall of Fame & Museum or The Milwaukee Museum Of Bobbleheads), a monster cabinet for both the knickknacks the two adored and the ones they would endure to make and get.

The National Bobblehead HOF & Museum stores the world's biggest assortment of bobbleheads and highlights many exhibits linked with the historical backdrop of bobbleheads, the creation of bobbleheads and substantially more. This museum professes to have about 10,000 distinctive bobbleheads from around the globe, comprising a life-size bobblehead. It’s the main bobblehead-explicit museum on the planet.

The assorted variety of the assortment displays a test for Phil & Brad, who need to introduce a decent bobblehead gallery without going excessively far topsy-turvy. Clumsy bobbleheads, for example, the mass killers, are at present out of view in the cellar.


Bobble above to the world's lone Bobblehead Museum. Highlighting the biggest bobblehead variety, exhibits, event space, store and more, the National Bobblehead HOF & Museum is exciting for everybody!

Not merely for sports enthusiasts, the museum likewise includes TV, movie, and pop-culture, vintage also a huge number of other remarkable bobbleheads. Suitably placed in Walker's Point close to the Third Ward in downtown Milwaukee.

There are Bobble head dolls for sale if you’re lucky to find the figure or character you want. But for the amount of $100, Phil & Brad can craft you your own unique bobblehead — however, don't hope to glimpse it in the museum.

The Milwaukee Museum Of Bobbleheads

The History

  •         The gallery was set up in 2014 by Brad Novak & Phil Sklar
  •         The museum didn't locate a permanent site in Milwaukee till 2017
  •         The gallery regularly makes bobbleheads for recent developments, for example, Alligator Rob & Chance the Snapper
  •         Inside 2019 the museum crafted a bobblehead for Iowa’s Carson King, who was highlighted on ESPN's College GameDay. Offers of his bobblehead will generate funds for University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital

·         At the point when the Guinness Book of Records endorses the museum's bobblehead collection, it’s predictable to exceed the present record holder Phil Darling who was verified to have around 2,396 bobbleheads

  •         Negro Leagues Centennial bobblehead sequence
  •         Home Alone bobbleheads highlighting Kevin McCallister & The Wet Bandits
  •         3-foot tall Milwaukee Bucks Giannis Antetokounmpo
  •         Cam Newton dabbing Bobblehead (2016)
  •         The museum created a 3-foot tall bobblehead of Lebron James NBA Basketball player (2016)

·         Jake Arrieta MLB pitcher (2018 — in respect of his no-hitter)

Prominent Bobbleheads

Visitors To The National Bobblehead Hall Of Fame & Museum Appreciate

  •         A stand-out gallery with the world's biggest assortment of bobbleheads from all categories & eras
  •         Many exhibits identified with the historical backdrop of bobbleheads, creation of bobbleheads and lot more

·         A store highlighting more than 500 distinctive bobbleheads and an expansive choice of product... and far more!