Financing Your Travel: How To Make Money While Travelling The World

When you have the thirst for travel, all you can think about is where next to visit. You spend hours planning every aspect of your trip, from the flight to the best bikini to wear on the beach. However, all of this comes at a cost, and if you don’t have a huge chunk of money just sitting in the bank, your dream is likely to stay exactly that; a dream. 


Thankfully, there are plenty of ways that you can finance your adventures and dreams of traveling around the world. Read on to discover just a few of them.



There are many jobs that may require you to travel the world as part of your job role. Whether that be for business meetings or to make new connections, it is possible to find companies who will pay for you to travel. Thanks to technology, plenty of the aspects of a job can be carried out while you are on the move. Technology issues, for example, can be covered by remote IT support, so no one has to be tied to a physical office.

Find a job that takes you around the world


If you can’t find a company that will pay you to travel and work, why not work for yourself? Freelancing is a great way to work and earn money on your own terms and gives you the ultimate in flexibility. Whether it is writing for someone, social media management, digital design or website building, all you need is a laptop and a decent internet connection and you can work as and when you want.

Sometimes to make money you must spend money, and this applies to finance your traveling dreams too. Investing money in property, for example, would give you a steady return to spend on traveling. Not only would you have a place to stay when you are in the area, but you would be able to rent the property out for the rest of the year. To workout how much money you can make with this strategy, this detailed rental property calculator can help.


Work while traveling

This is something that many students on a gap year experience do, and that is because it works! It is fairly easy to pick up temporary jobs such as waitressing, bar work, or even a tour guide. It may keep you in one location for longer than anticipated, but it would give you the chance to save for future destinations. Not only that, but it would give you the chance to explore that particular location in more depth and really experience life there.


Many jobs overseas are often only available during the tourist season too, so you may find that you are working during the summer and then able to travel to other places during the wintertime.


A great way of achieving your travel dreams is to do some house sitting for holidaymakers. Many people need their homes to still function while they are away and are happy for you to stay there and keep an eye on things - for free! While you might not necessarily make any money for this kind of thing, you won’t have to worry about accommodation costs.



House sitting