Crest white strips are now available in the UK

Of late, people have become more aware of their oral health. The credit to this goes to medical professionals and the widely available internet that has made people aware of their oral condition. Where it has improved things in developed countries, it has also made spectacular improvements in third world countries. Crest white strips are teeth whitening products that help you improve the condition of your teeth. Made from enamel-safe ingredient, Crest white uses a medically approved gel to get to work. These are the same things used by Dentists to treat your teeth in a clinic.

According to World Health Organisations, 3.5 Billion people suffer from the oral problem, and among them, 530 million children suffer from caries of primary teeth. In third world countries, the problem continues to increase. The issues include tooth decay, periodontal diseases, mouth cancers, oral forms of HIV, oro-dental trauma, cleft lip and palate, and noma (severe gangrenous disease originating in the mouth mostly affecting children). The diseases are preventable if looked after too, but prevention is also better than cure.

State of Dental health:

What are Crest White strips?

Crest white strips are whitening products that guarantee to whiten teeth. The question arises why should one pay for whitening products? The satins lead to decay and tooth problems. This affects the overall health of your teeth. 

The strips are designed to fit into the shape of your mouth. They use the medically approved gel to treat the stains of your teeth but keeping the whitening gel against your teeth to get a stain build-up. They are effective products that clean our teeth and use the same ingredients that your dental practitioner uses.

How does it work?

What are the benefits?

Oral health is one of the pressing issues the world is facing right now. However, it may seem like a small problem, but if we were to consider the data from WHO, it’s a drastic issue. This has forced many people to see their dental health. Crest white removes stains from your teeth and whitens them. The whitening of your teeth comes with various benefits. The first of them is clear. Stained teeth are vulnerable to decay and disease in the enamel. The benefits of using these strips are far too many for any country to ignore. In fact, the Crest whitening strips UK have become quite a phenomenon, as more and more people from the UK are getting their hands on this product.

Crest white strips are currently the best in the market. Its effectiveness and timeline depend upon the situation of your teeth. The enamel-safe formula of Crest white strips removes 14 years of stains and delivers professional-level teeth whitening results at home. However, you can afford to miss a couple of applications, but its regular use will benefit you, and you shall be able to see results in a few days.

How effective?

How to use:

You need to align the strip with your gum line and adjust until it fits properly. Fold it and keep it in place. Keep it there for the required time and discard it after that. Make sure that you don’t brush your teeth before applying strips and also keep in mind that each strip can be used only once and discarded after the use.

You need to apply it once in a day, and if you follow the procedure correctly, you will see the results in 3 days, but for the full results, wait for 20 days. Use one strip for the upper teeth and one strip for the bottom for 30 minutes, therefore two strips for one application. 


Why Crest white strips?

The dental treatment to whitening teeth is expensive, and you need to go through a hectic procedure to do that, while you can whiten your teeth inside your home. They are designed in such a way that they fit any mouth shape, and as long as you are 18, you can use them.

Dental health is one of the important issues we have at our hands. Though there has been an improvement in matters of awareness, there is more work to do. Treatment of dental issues is expensive, you need to pay for the treatment as well as the appointment, but with Crest white strips, you can cut all that cost and straight away whiten your teeth in just 30 minutes.