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We Shouldn't Be Forgetting About Travel

Although we are limited for our travelling options at the moments it doesn’t mean that we can’t plan ahead for future travels. Yes, times are undeniably uncertain, however, making plans in advance and looking to the future could help to bring positivity to your home and family. Even if you can’t secure dates at the moment, researching, planning and saving for when we can travel more freely again will allow us to start travelling again as soon as we can instead of having to wait even longer. 

But what are some of the things we should be thinking about?


Whether you’re self-isolating, social-distancing or looking after yourself to get yourself better looking at and researching different destinations could be a welcome distraction. Have a think about the sites you would like to see, what sort of accommodation you would like to stay in such as choosing a margaret river caravan park in Australia or looking at self-catering apartments in Spain, etc, and what activities you want to do. The time we have now gives us the time to really sit and look at the destinations that we will really enjoy and would love to add our bucket lists. If you have children you could also include this as part of their education, get them to have to look at the different destination and create a mini-project all about there chosen place.


Your Budget

Often the destinations you travel to rely on your budget. Some places are definitely more expensive than others, but if you start saving now, nowhere is off-limits. Think about how much your destination or trip is likely to cost and then figure out how much you can afford to save each month. If you usually book a holiday but have had to postpone, for now, act as if you have already booked it and the money you would usually use to pay it each month, put in a holiday saving account instead.

There may be a few things are still different when we are able to travel properly again, but there are going to be there for a good reason. No one knows exactly what the future holds at the moment but chances are, there may be some temporary changes to travelling, even when things are starting to improve. You need to be ready for these if your planning on jetting off as soon as you can The best way to do this is to keep up to date with travel news and see what you can do to make it easier. 


Yes, things have changed very quickly and everyone all over the world is finding it difficult but we are all strong and are pulling together. Travel is a great way an of bringing people together, and although we can’t do it as freely at the moment we definitely shouldn’t be forgetting about it. 


Is there anywhere that you’re dying to travel to in the future? Please share your bucket list ideas in the comments below. 


Think About What Might Change