Ways To Add More Style To Your Look

Fed up with having the same old look? Want to try something a little bit different but not sure where to begin? There are plenty of ways out there to add a little bit of style to your look without completely compromising who you are. Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of experimentation to find that perfect new look that suits you. Here are a few things to think about:


Nothing sets off a new look more than a new hairstyle. It can completely change the shape of your face, and if you go for a new colour, it has the ability to make your skin tone appear lighter or darker. If you have long hair, you could go for a bold pixie cut for a total change. Why not have a look for some hairstyles and colours you like and go from there. You could try a virtual hairstyle test app, or discuss with a hairdresser. But a new haircut will indicate a new you.

New Hairstyle


We don’t all do foundation, but if you are looking for something different, then why not try it. You could go for a simple tinted foundation as a start or even fake tan. It has the ability to give you a flawless finish for those nights out.

If you do not normally wear lipstick, then this will definitely make you stand out. You could go straight to the boldest of colours, red, and make a statement look. Lips are a very sexy part of a woman's body and allowing yourself to try a new colour and get those lips more luscious may make you feel more powerful and emboldened. Never underestimate the ability a little self-love can do to your confidence. Every woman deserves to feel her best.



Bling up! Yes, earring, necklaces, bangles, rings, 007 inspired watches, go for it. Jewellery can be used to empower you and make you feel like a more rounded and fuller human being. Jewellery goes back to tribal times and wearing it means that there is a connection to something greater. Be as bold and outrageous as you like, it is up to you, and if it makes you feel good, do it.

Do you have a handbag for every occasion? If the answer to this question is no, you do not have enough handbags. A new handbag can give your new look that little something extra. And the right bag can empower you and make you feel like a new woman all on its own.



No woman has too many shoes. If your cupboards are not breaking at the seams for all the shoes you have, you do not have enough. Also, if you are a woman and do not own heels, this has to stop now. You need to have some heels, some stilettos for those special occasions. If you struggle to walk in high heeled shoes, all you must do is practise. They are a sexy accompaniment to any outfit and make you taller and therefore, can make you feel more powerful.