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The Eccentric Towns Of The Algarve

For those of you who don’t know, the Algarve is a beautiful, characterful region of Portugal - and the nation’s tourist capital. The area features long stretches of sandy beaches and plenty of amenities to keep you entertained. It is everything a tourist could ever want. 


Figuring out where you’re going to stay, though, can be a challenge. The region is chock full of beautiful, picturesque towns, each with lots of history. They provide the perfect photo op, but each offers something a little different from the rest.


Albufeira is primarily a resort town and home to several large hotels. With that said, the settlement hasn’t lost sight of its roots. Right at its heart, you’ll find its historical center, complete with old churches and traditional architecture. Some streets haven’t changed for hundreds of years. 

A little out of town, you’ll find The Strip - a two-kilometer party district, packed with bars and restaurants. Most tourists like to explore the traditional city in the morning, lounge in the sun in the afternoon, and then head to the party zone in the evening.



Faro is a little different from many of the cities that you find in the Algarve. While it is a tourist hotspot, it’s not just about partying and beach life. There’s a lot of culture here too. In that respect, it is on a similar level to cities like Venice and Budapest. 

There’s plenty to explore. Hiring a car for your time in Faro could help with ensuring you see everything this magnificent city, but it is up to you. The place has so much to offer; many people go back several years in a row.

portugal travel blogger

Vilamoura is a massive resort town popular among golfers. While it is new, it retains much of the charm and beauty that you find on other beach resorts in the region. The designer beach clubs are a real highlight, attracting some of the most exclusive clientele.


Praia da Rocha

For those looking for a spectacular beach holiday, Praia da Rocha is a great destination. The town sits just above a long stunning beach with plenty of space for your beach towel. There’s lots to do here, including having fun out on the open water. There’s also the marina and a smattering of high-end beach clubs in the center of the town.

Carvoeiro is perhaps the most spectacular town in the whole of the Algarve. The main settlement sits just behind a giant sandstone cliff that flanks the bay. Here you’ll find spectacular geological formations, including large caves surrounded by turquoise-blue seas. There are hidden coves galore - perfect for a quiet getaway. 

The geographical position of Carvoeiro is fortuitous too. It is close to theme parks, water parks, and a range of other summer holiday activities. It is an ideal rustic base for people who want to experience the charm of a traditional town while enjoying a variety of modern attractions. It is highly recommended for groups and parents with children. 




portugal travel blogger