Stylish Accessories for Men in 2020

Suited and booted will always cut it when it comes to the stylish man, but if you want to bring your A-game to the table in 2020, it's worth investing in some new accessories that will elevate both your casual and more dressed up days. Discover some of the key trends for 2020 so you can incorporate a few shiny and stylish new pieces into your wardrobe.

High-quality craftsmanship, chunky soles and lots of laces ensure men's boots go big for 2020. Keep them black or off black for a style that's contemporary but classic and look out for heavy-duty fabrics. Pair with dark denim and cuff your jeans slightly higher than the norm for an edgy aesthetic. Big boots are a solid investment that will last for years and are an effortless but effective update for a new season wardrobe.

Men's Boots Go Big

Futuristic Sunnies

A nod to space-age style rather than full-on astronaut, look out for sunglasses that are futuristic in design. Seen across many catwalk shows for 2020, shades go Blade Runner this year in both brightly coloured and more subtle hues. And it's not just glasses that are given the intergalactic look. Space travel is influencing all our style choices, from the advanced technology of 3-D fashion to the use of holographic materials.

A mainstay accessory trend that's guaranteed to make you look dapper, extra-long scarves are having a big moment. Think bright colours, knitted fabrics and lengths that almost fall to the hem of the trousers. Pair with swagger and a chunky sweater to get you through until summer. Not sure what colour to go for or scared of anything that isn't black? Familiarise yourself with the colour wheel and discover myriad complementary and analogue colours that work well together to give you a headstart in the style stakes.

Extra-long Scarfs

Salmon Coloured Watch Dials

A watch is always a classic investment for a man, but if you want to tell the time in style it's crucial to wear a piece that stands out. 2020 has seen salmon coloured dials come to the forefront in the watch world with high-end brands including Montblanc and Rolex jumping on board. This subtle off-pink hue adds a vintage but timeless vibe to your wrist and spells out luxury in numbers. 

One small tip - match your watch strap to your belt and shoes for extra style points. That means don't mix brown with black or gold with silver! Switching watch straps on your own is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to change the look of timepieces. Easily switch from black leather to brown, from stainless steel to mesh. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to be stylish; you just have to be smart about it.