Sexy, Spirited, and Sophisticated: The OOTDS of Summer Beach Fashion

Expressing yourself in a more inclusive time in this world has never been more rewarding. Your opinions and actions convey your personality. Even the clothes you wear are a form of self-expression. These clothes include what you wear at work, at the mall, or even at the beach. From different styles and designs, there are a lot of bikinis online to choose from. Depending on your mood or the occasion for going to the beach or pool party, you can be your own kind of sexy, spirited, or sophisticated.

Whether you are going out with your partner, with your friends, or just by yourself, at times, you just want to be and feel sexy. Despite any body type, you can be sexy. There are a lot of bikinis online you can choose that can flatter your body type. 


Sometimes, plain colours are sexy. A swimsuit with no prints on them with a bold shade of red, black, or blue can be a major statement in itself. To channel your inner Bond girl, choose belted swimsuits and bikinis. Low-waisted belts can make your waist look smaller. To be unique, you can also choose a one-shoulder strap swimsuit or a halter-neck top. You can combine this with striking sunshades too. Just make sure that you apply your SPF lotion. There is nothing sexy in getting a sunburn. 





You can still express yourself while wearing swimsuits even if you are seeking adventure. Remember to choose an extremely durable type of material made of a polyester blend if you are the type to go snorkelling or go playing beach volleyball.  You don’t want the material to fray easily or tear when you are seeking life’s best pleasures. As the adventurous type, you may be less inclined to shy away from prints. 


From the most common prints of fruits, flowers, flags, and landmarks, to the wackiest prints and boldest colours, some stores have it all. 


If you are the fearless type, swimsuits of neon or metallic colours may be for you. But for the spirited and artistic, the tie-dye print design may attract you.



There is something sophisticated in retro sportswear. Print designs of checkerboard, tiger or leopard, or even houndstooth prints will make your ensemble very chic. If you are off to a corporate pool party or company beach party, using drapes while off the water can still make you look mighty professional.


Also, if white is not your thing, you may want to reconsider it; this colour can jump from casual to classy in a drop of a hat. If you are going to a business party with a casual vibe, then wearing white may be the solution. 


To complete your look, you can also wear an elegant straw hat that not only compliments your look but can also shield your face from the sun. 


People wear clothing based on different circumstances or preferences. You can channel many facets of your personality by what you wear today. In this more inclusive society, the important thing is not to judge others, especially on their outward appearance. As a consequence, if you become more accepting of others’ opinions and appearances, you will become more accepting of yourself. 

Author: Stephi LaReine