Hair Removal Simplified: 5 Reasons You Should Be Using Soft Wax

Getting rid of unwanted hair can be a huge hassle. Women have a few options at their disposal, but most choose to visit an esthetician or a beauty salon for professional treatments. Most salons offer waxing services, but not all waxes are created equal so estheticians and clients alike should do their research before deciding what to use or where to go. Read on to find out about five of the benefits of using soft wax instead of hard wax for hair removal.

Soft wax adheres to dead skin cells and pulls them off along with the hair, which has an exfoliating effect. Once any post-waxing redness subsides, clients will find that their skin has a healthier glow. Consumers will love it because they’ll look their best, and estheticians will love it because it will keep their clients coming back for more.

It’s important to choose a high-quality soft wax, though. Look for a product that contains high-quality, hypoallergenic resins to avoid adverse reactions and feature a sweet scent to make the experience more pleasant. There are other factors to consider when choosing a brand as well, so for more, visit nacach.com.

It Exfoliates the Skin

Adheres to Fine Hairs

Soft wax is great at removing fine hairs, which makes it perfect for removing peach fuzz and treating areas that have both fine and coarse hair. That’s good news for those who routinely use waxing to remove hair since repeated waxing weakens hair follicles and causes them to produce finer hair. Soft wax only needs to be applied and removed once to remove even the finest of hairs, which means less pain for clients and less money spent on materials for estheticians.

Hard wax requires special preparation since it comes in small beads that must be heated substantially before application. Soft wax can still be heated to produce a more pleasant experience for clients but, since it’s already stickier than hard wax, it doesn’t need to be as hot in order to adhere to hairs. Less preparation time means clients can get in and out quicker and estheticians can fit in more appointments.

No Special Preparation Required

Less Painful

Most people find hair removal to be less painful when they use soft wax. It’s perfect for areas like armpits or the bikini zone that usually have more sensitive skin, but it can be used anywhere. Soft wax is also great for larger areas of the body that would be more likely to experience irritation when hair is removed with hard wax.

Soft wax costs less than hard wax, starting at less than $15 per pack. That’s good news for independent estheticians and salon owners since they can cut back on overhead by switching to soft wax. It’s also good news for clients because most estheticians will charge less for their services after switching to this cheaper, yet more efficient, alternative in an effort to keep their clients coming back.

Lower Cost

The Bottom Line

Waxing is by far the most efficient way to remove unwanted hair since it removes the hair from the follicle so it takes longer to grow back and grows back finer. Soft wax is best for sensitive areas, large areas, and fine hair, which makes it a more versatile product than hard wax. Place an order today to start taking advantage of the many benefits of soft waxing.