Golf 101: Playing to Reach a Better You

In Sydney, along with the things that you will get out of playing the golf, there are a lot of locations that can offer a great view of the Sydney skyline, harbour, or Botany Bay. There are golf courses that give an intriguing, complex layout for players on different levels of experience. There's also services that help you out with golf like learning the perfect golf swing that are worthy of checking out. 

You can also find good golf clubs Sydney where you can get a clear view of the Central Coast in the north to Manly in the south. Sydney may get the occasional rain shower, but these golf courses that are perched on the sandstone hills provide excellent drainage. Learning how to play golf and become a better golfer isn't that easy! Golfer Spot has the best advice, tips, tricks, buying guides etc for you!

Along with the opportunity to expand your network, business deals are often closed on the golf course, making it a magnet for success. Many might think that golf is not a good sport to be in, as the cost outweighs the benefits. But it is fun to play, and there are benefits to one's mental and physical well-being.



Why play golf?

Benefits of playing

You will be doing a lot of thinking on the course, as well as making merry with your business partners if they also play golf. You always need to be on top of your game on the course, and playing the sport can get your heart pumping.


Think about the lush greenery and scenic view while walking the course. It does a lot of good to one's body, improving your mood and lowering your anxiety levels. Going through the golf course while enjoying a good game of golf will do wonders and can help you relax.


Buying a good set of golf clubs can cost you a pretty penny, much more for customised ones. But there are golf courses that let you use their clubs while playing or even while learning the sport.


What is the best way to line up the shot? How strong should your swing be? These are some of the questions that may be stuck in your mind, keeping your mental faculties sharp. Do not forget about the deals that you might be cooking up with your friends and work colleagues.


Imagine how big the golf clubs in Sydney are, and the amount of walking you will have to do through the 18-hole golf course. Along with that, think about the swingsyou will be doing at every hole. It is like doing a full-body workout while still looking great.


From the start to the end of the course, you will be sweating out 1,500 calories, probably more if the course is not on a straight path and you walk instead of riding a buggy. Playing golf gives a better workout than in the gym, but you also get to wear fashionable clothes.



Along with the benefits of playing golf, remember that if you’re a newbie, do not get caught up on the enthusiasm that one usually has when playing a new sport. Getting a good golf club set takes time, and you can change or add to your repertoire as time passes by. So, by all means, take a look at things like the best golf putters, but don't be afraid in taking your time to build up your set.


There is nothing wrong with playing with a borrowed set of clubs, but it can help you to decide if playing golf is right for you. Do not go for the custom-fitted ones yet, but start with a beginner set of clubs that has a driver, 3-wood, and odd-numbered irons and a putter.

Besides choosing what is suitable for you, you also need to consider if you’re a righty or a leftie. Lastly, make sure of the materials that the golf clubs are made of so you can get a better game.

Post by Stephi LaReine

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