Going Under the Laser

Body hair is an issue for some people, especially now that summer is on its way. Men would not mind having a little hair on their bodies, but there are some, along with most women, who might want to be smoother for their swimwear.

For career people, there will be times that they would need to keep it clean so they will look more polished and professional during work. Laser hair removal treatment is the choice of most people to get any hair removal done.

When you get the procedure done, it takes a long time before the hair grows back, that is if the follicle is partially damaged or destroyed. Although what you need to remember is that it may still grow again if the follicle survives the laser.

Short term or long term

How it is done

You would need to go through the process over two to three months. The pigment in the hair is targeted during the process, and the light goes down to the follicle and destroys it. Hair follows a specific growth cycle ranging from resting, shedding, and growing back. If the hair is in a resting phase because it has been recently removed, then it needs a bit of time for it to regrow, and it can then be adequately lasered.

It will take time for you to see a difference, and go through a few treatments to get the full result. The procedures do not take too long to finish, but you must not go to any gym, saunas, or anywhere that can make your skin sweat afterwards because this will only make a good breeding ground for bacteria to grow and for spots to form.

Keeping in mind these short-term and long terms after-effects of laser hair removal, it is extremely crucial for you to choose Anu Aesthetics for laser hair removal as you get complete care and support even when your treatment is finished.

That might be the question that is running through your head when you hear about laser hair removal, but if you feel like you need to do it, just go for it because it is a relatively safe procedure. 


Especially if you have a light complexion and your hair colour is dark, the laser can do better as it can quickly target the hair and destroy the follicle.


Do I have to do it?

Are there risks?

Before starting the procedure, a numbing cream is applied to the area that needs to be lasered, as there are times that people experience a burning sensation or discomfort during the process. The clinic has to be careful with this as some people might be allergic to it.


Some side effects include changes in skin colour, but it is only temporary. There are times that the client would have mild redness or blisters on the skin.


There are times that the procedure can cause scarring, which may result in infection. It is rare, though, that the resulting infection can spread and threaten someone's life.


So if you decide to get your hair removed using a laser, always provide a medical history, especially if you have allergies to creams. 


Remember that after the procedure, the clinic might advise you to avoid walking or be exposed under sunlight for a certain amount of time. Also, if you have developed a tan, you would be advised to wait for the tan to fade before you can go through the removal. Keep your days open because you would need a bit of downtime after each time you go under the laser.

Author: Stephi LaReine