Essential to do list when travelling

Who doesn’t love travelling? It’s an exceptional way of broadening your mind by taking in cultures, and experiencing a new way of living. Whether you’re planning a weekend break, or solo travelling for a few months, this is your go-to guide for all your essential travel tips. 

If you’re planning to head far out, then it’s mega important to get holiday vaccinations and protect yourself from any possible illnesses. Particularly with what’s going on the world right now with Coronavirus, it’s best to take as many precautions as possible. 

Get yourself vaccinated

Learn the language

If I’m going to a new place, I go on Duolingo and start to learn the basics of that language - it’s been incredibly helpful for simple phrases like, hello, goodbye, please, thank you. Whilst some of us may not be fluent in that language, it’s always helpful to have good manners, and attempt the basics, and perhaps even more advanced terminology if time is applicable. 

Some things are simply inevitable, you could be on a night out and drop your passport, or accidentally leave your debit card in a cash machine - we’ve all made mistakes. So to keep you backed up, take a photo of all the important things you’ll require abroad, and either keep those photos on an electronic device like a phone, tablet or laptop, or print out a photocopy. I do the same when taking away my cameras in the form of a packing list, so I know what I brought out with me, just incase anything was stolen. 

Photocopy all your documents

Pack your most expensive items in your carry on

If you’re carrying camera equipment, or delicate goods then you should have full control over where they are. 

We’ve all heard stories of lost luggage, or smashed up gifts from heavy handed baggage handlers (I’ve seen it for myself, and even had one of my suitcases left on the runway). So the best way to ensure no harm comes to your most treasured items is to keep them in your carry on luggage. Certain items are replaceable if lost, but save yourself from heart break by packing your carry on mindfully.