Essential Elements You Will Find in Sustainable Beauty Products

The beauty industry has forever been surrounded by controversy about its manufacturing and testing practices. With this backdrop, they must catch up with the global sustainability trend. So, you may ask, what is sustainable beauty? It is when you can achieve an eco-friendly standard of beauty and maintain it.

You can support sustainable beauty by using products that are eco-friendly, green, organic, and made from natural ingredients. Not just the product, but their packaging also needs to be biodegradable. This means moving away from the conventional plastic packaging that people are used to. Here are the essential elements that you should look out for in a sustainable beauty product.


The first step towards sustainable beauty products is the ingredients used to manufacture them. Using natural oleochemicals means that the cosmetic industry can avoid the use of toxic chemicals usually found in several popular brands. Some of the oleochemicals to consider are natural oils such as palm and coconut oil, argan oil, and avocado oil. They contain glycerin that is essential in many beauty products. However I'd stay away from palm oil products, for the environments sake. 


Plants such as soya bean and corn provide the all-essential emulsifiers, surfactants, and biocatalysts necessary in cosmetics. The best part is they are easily sourced, sustainable, and cheap.



Natural Ingredients

Zero-Waste Products

The agriculture industry has a vibrant side stream of ingredients that can help build a sustainable and green beauty industry. Things like avocado stones, wheat bran, and corn stover are a few items that can be used in cosmetics.

When making your next purchase, look for products that have natural and agricultural by-products that help create a zero-waste beauty industry.


In 2018, the skincare industry produced 120 million units of plastic packaging, most of which ended up in landfills. Many manufacturers are already looking at alternatives to plastic packaging. There are the glass jar or metal lid options and sturdy paper packaging that is already in use. Others are trying to find biodegradable packaging options that help promote sustainability.

So, the next time you pick a jar of moisturizer, opt for the one that comes in a glass jar or a paper tube instead of plastic.


Eco-Friendly Packaging

Refills and Reusable Products

Several cosmetic companies are experimenting with the option of refill when it comes to cosmetic and skincare products. It not only helps reduce their plastic footprint but ends up costing less for both you and them. You pay for the packaging at the time of the first purchase; after that, you pay only for the refill.

Avoid using disposable make-up wipes. Instead, go for the ones that you can wash and reuse. Wipes are not biodegradable, so they will probably sit in the landfill long after you are gone from the planet. Restrict the use of these too, when you have to travel. Reusable wipes are not only sustainable but will also end up being cheaper as one wipe will last you weeks if not months. 

Sustainable beauty is no longer in the fringes of the skincare and cosmetic industry. It has seeped into the mainstream, and both manufacturers and customers are making it the new normal. You should also consider moving to eco-friendly beauty products to make your contribution towards a greener planet.

By Stephi LaReine