5 Interesting Party Venue Theme Ideas

Anyone can throw a party, however, making it a memorable one is a whole different story. While there are plenty of ideas that come up with an unforgettable party experience, one can consider hiring a gazebo party tent to have a unique party venue. Alongside, a decided theme is what typically helps one to come up with a great party.

Let’s take a look at some of the interesting party venue themes you might want to strongly consider next time you’re throwing a party.


If you’ve got access to a glass-ceilinged atrium venue, then you can consider organizing an intergalactic themed party. The glass-ceilings should help set the right mood in accordance with something of this nature. LED space dancers can greet guests at the door and you can add more of them on the dance floor to spice things up. Other-worldly, gauzy backdrops can be achieved using stringy drapery.

1. Intergalactic Party

2. Arabian Nights Theme

The party venue hire Birmingham services provided by venuefinder can help you find a venue that’ll fit this theme perfectly. Currently an extremely popular party theme, giving your party that Moroccan feel, combined with juicy and succulent catering options, can result in a party that many who attend won’t soon forget. Unique, authentic Moroccan style formats are sure to blow everyone’s mind.

If you want to throw a party that oozes elegance, then you might want to consider organizing a white and black ball at your party venue. Black and white voile and satin cloth drapes could don the arena alongside white and black feather hoops and black chandeliers.

3. A Black And White Themed Ball

4. Casino Theme

Gold and red cloth drapes are a good way to start when looking for that unique Vegas feel. Gambling signs, Roman pillars, giant palm leaves, cacti and glittery dollar bills will certainly help take things to a whole other level. Go big with a casino themed party because who doesn’t like gambling, right? There’s a lot you can do with this party theme idea if you really put your mind into it.

If venuefinder has helped you find a huge ball-like space as a venue, why not consider throwing a masquerade ball for your guests. If you want a more sophisticated party atmosphere, then a masquerade theme might just be exactly what you need to be thinking about. Such parties are usually sure fire hits and are typically not soon forgotten.

In this venue, you can use purple and gold satin drapes to set the tone. Large beaded and feather masks, gold beads, small and large feathers, masked heads and masked ball signs is a good place to start if you want to pull this off.

Wrapping Up

Firing up the grill in the backyard and buying drinks just doesn’t cut it as party people will remember anymore. We’re in a time where everyone wants everything done big. Parties are no different so don’t get left behind. Yes, the party venue is super important but what you intend to do with it for your party equally is as well.


5. A Masquerade Ball Theme