What Else Can You Do During a Wedding Apart From Dance?

Not every party attendee is a dancer.  However, in wedding receptions, it would be utterly boring if the music was not part of the itinerary. As the deejay makes the party dancers busy, you the not dancing type amongst others could be somewhere having fun of your lifetime on alternative things other than the dance floor. It’s sad to have a party with music and the floor empty, and it might not be easy to invite people to it if you do not fancy dancing either. This article, therefore, seeks to exploit some of the alternative activities you and your guests can indulge in to give you a short break from music and the dance floor. You can hire an entertainment specialist but also consider them.


Wedding receptions are one of the few events that bring people together for a quality time where they don’t have to think about deadlines, contracts and work in general. This is a social event where every attendee seeks to have time to unwind and enjoy the evening. You can tap on this by providing a lounge and drinks where your guests would sit and enjoy their drinks as they catch up with each other. You can get people into the mood by having music play in the background as you go round, introducing people to each other. They will ease into the vibe, and in a short time, you won't have to worry about a gloomy evening.


Try games

Weddings are increasingly becoming personal events such that the number of people who gets to be invited keeps growing smaller and smaller over time. Small reception parties are excellent when you want to have fun playing some games here and there. This would, however, require you to research what kind of games your guests like.


A wedding can become very interesting and performative if you decide to make it one. There are weddings where people are encouraged to stand up, pick a mic and sing. Interestingly, most people end up singing regardless of their music tastes. Karaokes make people less pressured and willing to perform.

Try some karaoke

Have pets brought in

A good number of people will not pass an opportunity to snuggle up with some dogs or kittens. And by doing so, you will have created an interaction for everyone in the room. It wnt be long before conversations erupt amongst your guests. Getting to connect people is not easy if your pets do that for you, it's a mission accomplished. You wouldn't have to worry about the activity of the day.

If you are a poet or a bookworm, then your friends are likely to be gravitating around that field, which means that you can get to come together and have this mass performance either in poetry or having your favourite reads become wine vintages. You can have poets sing their best poems or compose masterpieces about anything in the party and perform their compositions in front of the guests.

Entertain with books

Hire a performer

You can make things a little bit stirred up by hiring a comedian or live entertainers at the reception. You can even have magic working at your parties. These kinds of things make people curious and want more. Before you notice, the time has flown by, and it's time to close for the evening having ensured maximum fun and entertainment for your guests minus dance.

Universally, music is a must at any event. This, coupled with lighting, creates the mood for fun and entertainment where people will dance their energy out and retire for the night. Your wedding reception does not have to be a dance event. Not when you can make it livelier and better by having people engage in different activities.



The bottom line