Turning Into Your Favorite Video-Game Character through Cosplay

You’ve probably gushed about a character you’ve seen in movies, anime series, cartoons, video games, etc. You’ve probably wished you could be them even just for a day. Sometimes, though, it can be really daunting. People may judge you for choosing that character, even grill you for using the wrong material, or accuse you of culture misappropriation, blackface, and so on.


While it can be scary and mentally taxing, it can be done with careful effort and proper research. If you really respect the character you idolize so much, you will be able to pull it off. Here are ways you can successfully turn into your favorite video-game character.



While you’ve probably set your heart on one of the video-game characters you played recently, you should keep in mind the difficulty and complexity of their designs. If you choose one from Final Fantasy, you may need more research on their costumes. Some video-game characters are tediously designed (imagine Tidus from FFX), and some are more simple and well-loved, like Lara Croft


If you’re not really that good with arts and crafts and you’d rather not spend too much on props or costumes, go for something easy and close to home for now. Some even go as The Sims characters, and these are still well-received—who doesn’t love these simlish-speaking characters?



Choosing Your Character

Deciding Based on Appearance

Should you look exactly like the character you’re supposed to cosplay? Don’t let the character’s physical attributes intimidate you and make you shy away from choosing them. When you choose the character you want to cosplay, you have to stick it out as it will take a lot of willpower, determination, and time to become them.


With cosplay, there will be a lot of praise and, sometimes, a lot of mean comments. To avoid getting hurtful feedback, research more into accurate wigs and contacts you can use for your character. Make sure that the colors are at least close to those of the original. 


If your character wears a lot of makeup, take time to buy the shades they use, and practice makeup application at home. During the cosplay, make sure you pack makeup and a small sewing kit for emergencies—you don’t want melted makeup midway.


Through cosplay, you can add a bit of twist to your favorite character. For example, you can turn into a female or male version or maybe even add a bit of flair, like adding steampunk or cyberpunk elements to the costumes. Imagine walking around with a steampunk jacket womens, it would surely make heads turn around. Do whatever piques your fancy, as long as certain elements remain true and you are confident about turning into them.

While you’re supportive of the artists making their own costumes, it may be hard if you had no experience in sewing or sculpting. Some people actually say that buying a costume doesn’t count as cosplaying, but actually, it does count. 

This is often the choice for people who don’t have time for making their own costumes, so they just buy one readily. There are armors and costumes that you can buy online if you’re not that confident about your sewing or sculpting skills yet.

If you do have experience with sewing and sculpting, you should print out enlarged pictures of the costume for reference. This will give you an idea of texture, material, and even proper color hues to ensure that your costume is on point. This will take a lot of time, patience, and dedication—but the results will be worth it.

Design your costume with full mobility as you’ll likely pose in front of comic-con goers, depending on how popular the character you’re cosplaying is. 

Steer clear of uncomfortable materials as much as possible, such as real metal armor (which can be heavy too), leather, and latex. Opt for alternatives that are lighter and breezier and that allow unrestricted movement.

Whoever you choose, cosplay is all about showcasing your creativity and your chosen character. You shouldn’t be ashamed of your hard work. The best thing that you can do is to be confident and actually believe that you are the character you’re dressing as.


Deciding If You Should Buy Your Costume or Not